SkyScreamer, New York’s tallest thrill ride, now open at Six Flags Darien Lake

Six Flags Darien Lake in New York has opened its newest attraction, Six Flags SkyScreamer – now the tallest thrill ride in the state, standing at 242 feet high.


“Six Flags continues to lead the way in innovation as we bring the state’s tallest ride to Western New York. We are thrilled to add this shining beacon and iconic landmark to the Six Flags Darien Lake skyline,” said Chris Thorpe, park president. “From this impressive tower guests will soar high among the clouds, taking in majestic views of the park and surrounding countryside below.”


The new thrill attraction towers at a soaring 24-stories tall. SkyScreamer fits 32 riders at a time, sitting two across in open-air swings, and spins around and around a 98-foot circle at 35 miles per hour.

To learn more about SkyScreamer and Six Flags Darien Lake, visit

Six Flags SkyScreamer POV at Six Flags Darien Lake

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