Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows hosts Rockin’ Mystery musical series

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows Rockin' Mystery musicals
Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows is Rockin’ out with new musical murders.

Orlando dinner theater fans who want some melodies with their murder can enjoy two new Rockin’ Mystery musicals at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows on Orlando’s International Drive has been presenting interactive comedy whodunits for over a quarter century, and now they’ve added two new musical productions to their repertoire on limited performance dates. The new shows in their Rockin’ Mystery series feature the same improvisational acting and audience participation crime-solving as their usual dinner shows, with the addition of live musical numbers.

The two Rockin’ Mystery musicals currently in rotation on select dates at Sleuths are:

Rockin’ Horror Premiere: “You are invited to the opening night celebration of a fantastic new cinematic production. Do you love Rocky Horror, Hocus Pocus, Thriller, and Little Shop of Horrors? Well then you are sure to love Jeremy’s new Halloween masterpiece! There is a lot of pressure on Jeremy for this film to be successful. Oil tycoon Henry Beaumont has invested millions in this film in hopes that his niece Nicki will become a famous actress. Watch for celebrities at this movie extravaganza, but also watch for clues because someone will commit a horrible crime. Who could be the criminal? Jeremy? Henry? Nicki? Bert? Or maybe… Madame Gilda.”

Rockin’ 80s Reunion: “It’s extremely important that you attend the alumni reunion for Luray Academy this year. Organizers of this reunion are planning a special Rockin’ 80’s Musical gala affair to raise money in defense of the school. One of the graduates, Lilah Beauregard, wants to bulldoze the college and set up condos. She must be stopped! However, the evening does not go as planned. Enjoy some of your favorite 80’s hits while the band that is scheduled to perform is jailed, secret relationships are revealed, lies come to the surface, and ultimately the event ends in murder. Come help save the Academy and find out if Lilah’s loathsome plan is averted.”

In addition, Sleuths hosts a schedule of Flipside events in the evenings, that include magic shows on Wed.-Thurs. at 6 p.m.; the adult-only Mama’s Comedy Show on Fridays at 10 p.m.; and stand-up comedy in the Garden Room on Saturdays at 10 p.m. Admission to these events is discounted with a paid Sleuths ticket.

To purchase tickets for Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows or learn more information, visit, and watch this 2014 episode of Attractions The Show for a look inside the theater:

Attractions - The Show - Sleuths dinner shows; Cowfish restaurant; latest news - Dec. 18, 2014

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