King Kong spinning coaster in Tunisia features ‘world’s tallest animatronic’

King Kong spinning coaster world's tallest animatronic

Tunisia’s Carthage Land has unleashed a colossal King Kong that they bill as the world’s tallest animatronic.

Carthage Land in Tunisia, the first theme park in North Africa, recently unveiled their new King Kong spinning roller coaster, which features what the park calls the “tallest animatronic ever built.”

The King Kong attraction at Carthage Land, which is also known as the “Giant Ape Adventure,” is built around a 13.3 meter (43.6 foot) tall moving figure that can rise, move its arms to punch its breast, nod its head, and open its mouth. Water and “breath” effects from the mouth and nostrils enhance the movements.

You can watch the King Kong animatronic in action in this video:

King Kong spinning coaster in Tunisia features 'world's tallest animatronic'

Kong sits in the center of a customized spinning coaster that is 200 meters (656 feet) long and 15 meters (49 feet) tall, with a maximum speed of 65 km/h (35 m.p.h.). The final section of the coaster is a 2 minute indoor dark ride experience, with an enclosed tunnel themed as spirit-haunted jungle, and a giant gorilla head brought to life with video projection mapping technology.

The entire attraction, which was created by an international team led by EOS, is installed on top of an existing 12 meter (39 foot) tall building, so the the coaster reaches a total height of 27 meters (88.6 feet). The project took almost 2 years, from the first concept drawing to the opening on March 18.

Carthage Land also offers dry attractions for all ages, a water park, kiddie playgrounds, a 5D cinema, and cultural exhibits. For more information about Carthage Land, visit their website, and watch these videos for a look at other King Kong attractions across America:

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