Sneak preview of Scream n’ Stream 2021 with writer Patrick Braillard

Halloween is still six months away, but we’ve already got a sneak preview of Scream n’ Stream 2021, the drive-through experience that’s returning to Central Florida with the help of Halloween Horror Nights veteran Patrick Braillard.

Scream n' Stream
Scream n’ Stream is lurching back to life in Kissimmee with an all-new storyline by Halloween Horror Nights veteran Patrick Braillard.
Photos by Seth Kubersky

Last year, the original Scream n’ Stream was one of several outfits in the Orlando area offering a socially-distanced haunted experience. Recently, Attractions Magazine was among a handful of media outlets invited to an industrial park in south Orlando, where we were given a small glimpse of the all-new Scream n’ Scream 2021 coming to Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures in Kissimmee this fall.

drive-through haunt

Although many details about the event are still under wraps, and we were not allowed to record the Q&A, we were able to get some juicy tidbits out of writer Patrick Braillard, who has joined Scream n’ Stream’s team for their second season after many years with Universal Orlando.

Scream n' Stream

Here’s what we know about Scream n’ Stream 2021 so far:

  • The storyline involves some type of zombie-style infection, and the guests’ vehicles are central to the plot.
  • While the first year’s sets had an organic, homemade look befitting the B-movie theme, this year will have a more industrial look utilizing scaffolding and chain link fences. This will also allow for improved lighting and sound, and prevent guests from seeing the scenes ahead of them before they are ready.
  • Each vehicle will be given two laser “suppression” guns for interacting with characters throughout the drive-through, who wear sensors that flash when hit. Drivers are not permit to shoot; additional guns may be rented for an extra fee.
  • Each vehicle will also carry a “tech package” with lights and sounds that change during the experience.
  • Water, fog, and other tactile effects will be used to create a dark ride-style experience in a live setting.
  • The entire attraction will take 20-25 minutes to experience, slightly longer than the previous version.
  • This year’s event will up the “horror factor,” and be as gory or even bloodier than before.
  • A virtual line system will be used so guests can enjoy a scare zone with an “evil DJ,” plus food and merchandise, until it’s their turn for the drive-through.
  • Employees will receive bonuses for good attendance, and donations will be made to Second Harvest Food Bank.
drive-through haunt

We also got to drive through two brief scenes from the upcoming event, where we were blasted with air in a mock inoculation, and then assaulted by growling figures while sparks shot out of an electrified fence.

Scream n' Stream

Watch for more information at as the Sept. 18 opening date approaches, and watch our video covering last year’s event while you wait:

Stream and Scream Halloween Drive Through Experience Orlando

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