Seattle’s Space Needle renovated to feature world’s first, only revolving glass floor

The Space Needle, one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, is now offering a different experience with a modern twist.

space needle
Take a look at this before and after of the Space Needle’s recent renovations.

The Needle recently completed a $100 million renovation of the 605-foot-tall structure, featuring technology that simply wasn’t around during its 1962 construction.

space needle

Walls, floors, and barriers were removed and replaced with structural glass, giving guests the illusion that they’re truly walking on air above Seattle.

Highlights of the renovations include:

  • The Loupe – the world’s first and only revolving glass floor, made of 10 layers of glass and weighing 37 tons. Guests can look below and see the turntable’s mechanics, as well as the city below.
  • Skyrisers – Twenty-four slanted glass benches that sit on the outer edge of the open-air observation deck, giving guests a floating-on-air feeling.
  • New glass barriers, which tilt outward to match the building’s angle. These replaced the wire “caging” on the open-air observation deck.
  • Both the 500-foot and 520-foot indoor observation areas have newly expanded views, thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass panels.
  • Oculus Stairs – the upper and lower level of the needle are now unified by a cantilever grand staircase
  • 176 tons of glass was installed to the upper, lower and outer observation levels.

The Space Needle has welcomed over 60 million guests since 1962. To learn more about this historic destination, visit

Check out our video of the recent renovations below:


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