New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ virtual reality experience now open at Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR has teamed up with CBS Interactive to launch a new VR experience inspired by “Star Trek: Discovery” and the iconic Holodeck, where environments are simulated in virtual reality.

star trek: discovery

Through a combination of real-time motion capture cameras and VR technology, players can immerse themselves in a unique social experience that brings the “Star Trek” universe to life with “Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission.”

star trek: discovery

Players will warp into an exciting adventure as a U.S.S. Discovery crew member on an away team mission. Guided by Sylvia Tilly (with Mary Wiseman reprising her role from the show), teams will fire phasers, conduct tricorder scans, travel to alien planets, and seek out new civilizations.

star trek: discovery

“We want fans to know that this isn’t like any virtual reality you may have experienced or heard about before…this is something bigger and better,” said Steve Zhao, CEO and founder of Sandbox VR. “For those that may not know what to expect with the graphics or the hardware, we can describe the experience as VR as it’s meant to be…it’s not a game, it’s not a movie, it’s not traditional VR, it’s a full-body experience that completely transforms you, where you become the experience itself.”

star trek: discovery

“Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission” is now available at Sandbox VR’s Hong Kong, San Francisco Bay Area, and Los Angeles locations. A rollout across the U.S. is planned, with locations coming to New York, Austin, San Diego, and Chicago. An extra 16 locations are planned to open by the end of 2020.

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