Sum of All Thrills attraction at Epcot now also an interactive online game


The Raytheon Company is introducing a new component to their Epcot ride, Sum of all Thrills, which allows you to design a ride online at home. The virtual reality experience teaches kids (and adults) how to build a roller coaster by using math.

Math and science are intergraded into an online game that allows students to design and ride their own roller coaster. Raytheon’s goal is to create excitement for learning by giving students a hands-on game.

The interactive game offers an on-screen design experience similar to the exhibit at Innoventions at Epcot. Using mathematical and engineering fundamentals, students can construct virtual roller-coasters, pilot jet-fighter planes, or race bobsleds that dip, dive and swerve through loops, turns and rolls.

Online users can also share ride creations with friends via Facebook. Visitors of The Sum of all Thrills ride at Epcot can view the ride they designed at the park when they get back home. Riders can text the code on the card they receive at the ride to THRILL (847455), or enter the code on MathMovesU.com, to view the actual ride they just designed.

Raytheon opened the Sum of all Thrills at Epcot in 2009. All can enjoy the new online component at MathMovesU.com.


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Diana November 17, 2011 - 8:26 am

The Sum of all Thrills is great! My kids LOVE it. We rode it 7 times in one day the last time we were there. We haven’t done our online game yet but thanks for the reminder! We will definitely do that and start getting excited for our next trip!


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