Summer-long Monsters University Homecoming to be held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Limited Time Magic starting June 14


A campus bash hosted by the Monsters University School of Scaring is happening all summer at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and it’s going to be a pep rally of enormous proportions.

Hit the quad where you can hear your DJ—”Monster of Scaremonies”—spinning the latest beats, and take part in a series of fun activities. Then, get pepped up as the MU cheerleaders pop in to lead the MU Fight Song before those monsters of rock, Scare Supply, take the stage. Enjoy a medley of monstrous mash-ups, and laugh along as they’re joined on stage by Mike and Sulley.

Join this Limited Time Magic event every evening from 6 p.m.–10 p.m. at Disney’s Hollywood Studios beginning June 14.


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