Super Nintendo World construction in Florida at Universal’s Epic Universe

Super Nintendo World, one of numerous highly-themed lands, is coming to Universal’s Epic Universe at the Universal Orlando Resort. This new theme park is rapidly approaching as dirt turns into decipherable layouts. Mario, Peach, and Bowser will soon be in Orlando! Thanks to Bioreconstruct on Twitter, we can see these aerial images of what is to come.

Super Nintendo World construction overview at Universal's Epic Universe.

When it comes to theme park construction, especially one of this size, nothing can be assumed to be set in stone. No piece of dirt is unimportant. And, while we won’t see this for a while, every planted tree is a milestone.

Yoshi's Adventure ride construction staging.

Let us first look at what may first appear to just be construction equipment, a parking lot, and some steel. Now, let me invite you to the green track on the left side of the image. This is what many strongly believe to be the steel track for the Yoshi’s Adventure ride. Other equipment in this photo has a purpose, but its exact job, we don’t know for certain…yet.

Aerial overview of Universal's Epic Universe construction.

Take a good look around, because you are staring at the overview of Universal’s Epic Universe, slated to open 2025. This mass of water, dirt, and steel will one day be one of the most visited theme parks on Earth.

Let’s get a little closer, with some explanations by Bioreconstruct themselves. Even at this stage, we can begin to really understand definitive land layouts in this upcoming park.

Concrete pours and foundations are underway at the Super Nintendo World construction site.

And we shall get even closer with this look at Super Nintendo World. The lighter colored concrete towards the bottom of the image is the foundation for the Donkey Kong roller coaster type attraction. The large red crane on the right side of the image is where the Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challege ride will be. The work at the top of the image should be part of Mount Beanpole and the Yoshi’s Adventure ride.

The scale of Super Nintendo World is massive, especially when compared to two concrete mixer trucks.

This next image helps give a true understanding of scale. Universal’s Epic Universe is going to be big; really big. And hopefully you can understand that, from the size of just one of its rides. The arrows at the bottom left point to two concrete mixer trucks ready to supply for the pour on the right side of the image. Now imagine how many truckloads will be needed for this area. Then, imagine that for the numerous new rides, shows, and restaurants.

It is clear to see, Universal has a lot of work ahead of them.

Bioreconstruct points out six unique sections of an aerial image taken above Super Nintendo World.

Click the image above for a larger version to really checkout those details. At 1, we can see construction for the Yoshi’s Adventure ride. At 2, the beginnings of the Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge attraction. At 3, we can see the start of the Donkey Kong section of Super Nintendo World. At 4, we can see the extension of the Kirkman Road. At 5, what is believed to be the access road for the Universal’s Epic Universe parking. And 6, recently added construction offices.

Super Nintendo World Sneak Preview by Nintendo General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto (English Dub)

There is a lot more to be done at the Orlando version, but in Japan the land has been open for some time. Here is a tour of the land with Nintendo General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto.

We still have about three years until Universal’s Epic Universe opens, but we will see a lot of progress in that time. And rumors suggest that some areas of the park may open early upon their specific completion.

What area of Super Nintendo World are you most excited about?


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