Take to the skies of NYC with Summit One Vanderbilt this fall

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan and standing at 1,401 feet tall, Summit One Vanderbilt will be the latest in a series of planned openings at One Vanderbilt.

Summit One Vanderbilt coming Oct. 21.

Cutting-edge technology and immersive experiences along with spectacular views are just a small part of the $3.3 billion project. Immersive art experiences by Kenzo Digital will bring novel storytelling to the modern building by turning an ordinary observation deck into a euphoric experience.

“Using materiality, lighting design, sound design, production design and animation, this immersive experience Air will awaken your senses, transform your perception of New York, and reimagine your relationship to nature.” said Kenzo Digital, artist and CEO of Kenzo Digital Immersive.

An all-glass-enclosed elevator travels outside the building, giving guests a breathtaking view of the city as they ascend. Transparent Sky Boxes called Levitation will invite guests to hover over 1,000 feet from Madison Ave. An outdoor bar and seating areas will let guests enjoy the view. The Summit will also feature the world’s highest urban outdoor alpine meadow. 

Levitate over NYC in Summit One's Levitation Sky Boxes.

Directly connected to the Grand Central Terminal, this soon-to-be tourist hot spot is 65,000 square feet. Culinary offerings by Danny Meyer will feature multiple bars, an all-day cafe and places to grab elevated snack food.

“Our team is proud to add additional flavor to this thrilling new destination that will place a resounding exclamation point on New York City’s renaissance.” said Danny Meyer, founder and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group.

Summit One Vanderbilt's Modern Interior.

Ticket availability will be limited, and go on sale this summer. Registered website users have the chance for presale tickets. Summit One officially opens Oct. 21. For updates, follow @SummitOV on Facebook and Instagram.


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