Disney announces new Haunted Mansion book by Claudia Gray

Heads up, foolish mortals. There’s a new Haunted Mansion book coming soon from fan-favorite Star Wars author Claudia Gray.

The Haunted Mansion: Storm & Shade by Star Wars author Claudia Gray arrives on Sept. 5, 2023
Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

The Haunted Mansion: Storm & Shade is set to release on Sept. 5 from Disney Books. The new original novel inspired by the beloved attraction is set in New Orleans, where Gray lives.

In an interview with Disney Parks Blog, Gray said the inspiration for the book came from learning that the Disneyland version of the attraction is set in New Orleans.

“This is a magical place with its own folklore (more haunted houses per capita than anywhere else in the country, I think?), and such a perfect setting for a Mansion story,” Gray said.

Haunted Mansion
The Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park is home to 999 happy haunts
Photo courtesy of Disneyland Resort

Gray said the book is about a teenager named Audrey, the new girl in the city and at school who’s dealing with the stress that comes with a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend and terrible anxiety attacks. Then there’s the creepy, supposedly haunted mansion, which sits right down the street in her new neighborhood.

“And just when she thinks the Haunted Mansion is as terrifying as anything could ever be, Audrey realizes that even the Happy Haunts can get scared,” Gray said.

According to the publisher’s summary, the book is also set to include a macabre mystery as Audrey and her friends investigate the haunted manor. And there may be a love triangle between Audrey’s boyfriend and a new guy who may be a ghost.

The book is available to preorder now through Disney Books.

Gray is also known for her Star Wars writing, including several young adult and adult books set during The High Republic era as well as Lost Stars and Leia: Princess of Alderaan.

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