The Polite Pig now serving guests at Disney Springs Town Center

Main eating area of The Polite Pig themed to old farmer's market.
Main eating area of The Polite Pig themed to old farmer’s market.

By Tharin White

BBQ fans have a new place to grab ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and more as The Polite Pig becomes the newest eatery at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.

This BBQ spot offers a combination of quick service and sit down style with its easy ordering and brought to your table service. This is a sister restaurant to The Ravenous Pig in Winter Park, Florida, and its signature desserts stick close to the Floridian theme.

Adding to the Disney Springs Town Center storyline, this retired farmer’s market is now home to pulled pork sandwiches, orange blossom honey cake, massive pretzels, fried chicken, a bourbon bar, and more. The bar was a busy area with many different selections including rye bourbon, a tequila and grapefruit cocktail, and local florida beer.

STORY 2 Menu

The ordering process is quite simple where you come up to a register to order your meal, they accept many different types of payment including Apple Pay. The physical menu shows much more than the menu screens, so make sure to pick one up on your way in.

STORY 3 ordering

The Polite Pig also uses trackers so you can simply sit down at whatever table you desire, indoors or out, and a waiter will bring your food to you along with utensils and wet wipes. Our food came out in only 6 minutes which was really great to see, especially on a busy first day.

STORY 4 food tracker

Since it was a beautiful day out, we chose to eat outside, but there are plenty of great seating areas indoors with booths, high tops, and regular tables. Some areas can even see directly into the kitchen for a behind the scenes looking at the food making magic.

STORY 5 kitchen view

Bourbon bar stocked full of different flavors and types of bourbon.
Bourbon bar stocked full of different flavors and types of bourbon.

For approx $15 you can get most meals with a side and apple coleslaw, or do what we did and forgo the coleslaw and for $3 add another market side. We tried the brisket with baked beans, the pork shoulder with mac & cheese and sweet potato tots, and the orange blossom honey cake.

STORY 7 pork shoulder

The pork shoulder was very tender, had a great sauce, and was a good size for the money. A definite meal to get again when I go back to the Polite Pig.

STORY 8 mac and cheese

The mac and cheese was an excellent side covered in bread crumbs and plenty of cheese.

STORY 9 beans

The baked beans were big and had an interesting flavor, but we wish there were a little more.

STORY 10 brisket

The beef brisket was one of the only things we did not enjoy, it was chewy, and had a lot of fat for 2 pieces of brisket at $16.

STORY 11.1 sweet potato tots

If you like sweet potato, you will really enjoy the sweet potato tots. There was a good amount of them, and the parmesan cheese was a welcome topping.

STORY 12 orange blossom cake

The real winner of The Polite Pig was the absolutely delicious orange blossom honey cake, I am not a big fan of orange flavored desserts, but I loved this cake. It was a perfectly moist cake with a touch of orange and honey drizzled on top. It was a very refreshing dessert that could be shared with two people after a large meal. I highly recommend trying this dessert, even if you don’t plan on having a full meal at The Polite Pig.

You can visit The Polite Pig website at Click Here for the full menu.


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  1. We ate at the Polite Pig mid March, and it was delicious! The service was excellent, and my Southern Pig sandwich on a gluten-free bun was huge and filling. The BBQ cauliflower was also very tasty. This is a great addition to Disney Springs!