Theater Review: ‘The Prom’ is a musical comedy for everyone

by Quinn Roseboom

“The Prom” is a touching musical comedy about a group of washed-up narcissistic Broadway stars who want to better their image. They decide to do this by helping a lesbian in small-town Indiana go to the prom that her close-minded community wishes to exclude her from.

the prom

While there’s no doubt that theater is generally an accepting place, often associated with the LGBT+ community, it’s unfortunately still a bit rare to see our stories played out there. It’s really refreshing and beautiful when we get to see them come to life on stage, especially with LGBT+ actors in some of the main roles, like they are in this specific touring cast of “The Prom.” Audiences of all types will appreciate the show’s comedy, but those who are familiar with theater culture and many Broadway shows will be able to catch a lot of references.

While the story and songs were great, we found it a bit hard to make out what was being said (or sung), even from the sixth row, as the music seemed to overpower the actors mics quite often. Hopefully this was just an opening night issue.

Show Clips - THE PROM

While I would say “The Prom” is definitely for all audiences, I’ll add that there was some occasional cursing. “The Prom” is being performed at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Orlando through Dec. 12, and will be making its way across North America for the next year. For locations and tickets, visit ThePromMusical.com

“The Prom” was also made into a movie musical for Netflix. While I personally haven’t seen the film version, it may be a good alternative for those unable to make it out to theaters. You can check out the trailer below:

The Prom | Official Trailer | Netflix

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