Theme Park Trivia Show is looking for contestants

Theme Park Trivia Show, brainchild of Ryan Ritchey, pits theme park fans against each other to see which one is the champion of theme park minutiae.

theme park trivia show
Photo courtesy of Theme Park Trivia Show

Ritchey, a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), came up with the idea of having two dedicated theme park fans go head-to-head in a contest of knowledge about Orlando’s theme parks.

Categories include topics with park-inspired titles such as “Imagine-ears,” “Marty Called” (referencing Disney Legend, author, and former president and International Ambassador of Walt Disney Imagineering), and “Dialog Alley.”

The game involves questions geared toward seasoned park visitors, and includes “extras” that provide information about some of the answers from the show.

Theme Park Trivia Show Episode 6: Skipper Ben vs. Matt Roseboom from Attractions Magazine!
Attractions Magazine’s Matt Roseboom versus Top 10 columnist “Skipper” Ben Rebstock

“My intent was to make the kind of game show I’d like to see,” said Ritchey. “So, while it’s accessible to theme park visitors, we’ve mixed in some ridiculous factoids that only the most hardcore theme park geeks will know. And I use ‘geek’ endearingly, as I consider myself one.”

When he isn’t doing The Theme Park Trivia Show, Ritchey runs a video productions company and has begun to enter the themed entertainment industry. He has also served as an associate producer on the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” revival at Netflix.

“Over the last two years we’ve been doing a lot of work at my studio around projection mapping, as that’s sort of a bridge between the traditional video production work of our company, and into the themed entertainment space,” Ritchie added.

Up to this point the Theme Park Trivia show has had YouTubers and podcasters as their main contestants, but Ritchey states he is actively looking for more contestants.

Check out the pilot and episodes two through five of Theme Park Trivia Show on YouTube.

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