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Each week, we ask you, our readers, to vote for your favorite food, ride, land, or activity at theme parks around the world. This week, we’re at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, for the top 3 themed lands inside this iconic park.

Cinderella Castle

For the purpose of this poll, we evaluated all seven lands at the Magic Kingdom. We then read through each answer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and compiled the top 3 winners. These are the official winners of the Magic Kingdom:

Big Thunder Mountain, by Disney

3. Frontierland

Frontierland, a land designed after the lives of the American pioneers, a love-letter from Walt’s own heart. This land features numerous attractions, like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, the Country Bear Jamboree and Tom Sawyer Island. Each attraction is a landmark in its own right, with the entirety of the land coming together to emulate the pioneer’s spirit.

Scott Roland (@Dislexic96 on Instagram): “Frontierland. It is the only land to truly still stick to the “land of the Magic Kingdom” feel. It has townsfolk, shops, and a history to each building and attraction. It is also the only land where you can hear the full story behind it on the riverboat.”

Roy from Roy Meets World (@oyby on Twitter): “Frontierland. It’s just perfect and timeless, based on original ideas.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

2. Fantasyland

Fantasyland, the place of pixie dust and magical memories. Fantasyland was the centerpiece that Walt designed to bring forth the lovable princesses and cartoon characters that has made Disney a household name. This land features numerous attractions, like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, it’s a small world, Peter Pan’s Flight, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and more! Each and every castle worldwide needs a resting place, and Fantasyland is there to proudly support it.

Molly Warned (@staffle318 on Instagram): “Fantasyland! It feels so magical, and is just such a happy, colorful, place to be! And the rides are so fun!

Carolyn (@13lyn65 on Instagram): “Fantasyland…..because it feels like the happiest land with all things classic Disney (Dumbo, Teacups, Small World, Peter Pan)

Space Mountain
Photo by @TharinWhitePhotography on Instagram

1. Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland, the future that never was, and always will be. Walt’s fascination with innovation, space exploration and forward thinking birthed the place of tomorrow. This land features numerous attractions, like Space Mountain, The Carousel of Progress, the Tomorrowland Speedway, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover and more! This long-standing land has seen some changes in the past, and is expecting big changes in the future, but it continues strong as the icon of forward thinking ideals.

Jacob Hodges (@JacobHodges on Facebook): “Tomorrowland! Because Disney + Nostalgia + Sci-Fi = PERFECTION!

Writer’s Review: “I am biased, with my first home attraction being Space Mountain itself. But, even as a child, this land drew me in. The vibrant nightly colors, the never-ending rides on People Mover, the rush of Space Mountain, and the authenticity of the Carousel of Progress. With Tron on the horizon, I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this land.”

Our readers and viewers are some of the most knowledgeable theme park fans and experts out there, and thanks to their votes, we have our top 3 themed lands at the Magic Kingdom. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to share your voice in our next poll.

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