Top Gun House 1880s-era bungalow brings movie memorabilia and High-Pies to Oceanside, California

Top Gun House celebrated its grand opening on May 20, 2022, marking the completion of the Mission Pacific Hotel beachside development and its sister property, Seabird Resort, ahead of the “Top Gun: Maverick” cinematic debut.

top gun house
Photo by Douglas Friedman

Featured in the 1986 “Top Gun” film starring Tom Cruise, the 1887 Queen Anne Cottage-style bungalow, formerly known as The Graves House, has been restored as a nostalgic pie house under the watchful eyes of Oceanside Historical Society and Save Our Heritage Organization.

The house was moved from its original location at Pacific Street and Seagaze Drive to the beachfront courtyard of Mission Pacific Hotel, where it was repainted to match its 1986 color palette, and its interiors were fitted with retro signage, Victorian era panels, an upholstered fireplace, vintage furniture, unique needlepoint by artist Mary Lou Marks, and more.

top gun house restoration
Photo courtesy of Mission Pacific Hotel

The house is also filled with memorabilia from the movie “Top Gun,” including a refurbished Kawasaki Ninja ZX900 motorcycle like the one Tom Cruise rode in the movie.

Along with a heavy dose of movie mementos, the pie house is home to the HIGH-Pie signature hand pie, created by chef and restauranteur Tara Lazar of F10 Hospitality. The hand pies are filled with seasonal, locally-sourced apples or cherries.

Also on the menu are made-to-order mini pies a-la-mode filled with house-made mascarpone ice cream and fried on a popsicle stick. Dipping sauces such as Charlie’s Chocolate, Government Cheese, Lemon Curd, and Sea Salt Caramel can be added for $2 each.

Order a pie to-go and it comes in a house-shaped collectible box with a 1950s military design, in a vintage red, white, and blue color palette.

“We are thrilled to open the doors of Top Gun House and share this beloved historic icon with the city of Oceanside,” said Michael Stephens, area managing director, Mission Pacific Hotel and The Seabird Resort. “Adapting, preserving, and relocating a nineteenth century bungalow was a significant undertaking, but the work has been well worth it. We are proud to introduce Top Gun House and celebrate the grand opening of Mission Pacific Hotel and The Seabird Resort.”

top gun house mission pacific hotel
Photo courtesy of Mission Pacific Hotel

Mavericks and their wingmen or wingwomen can join in the celebration of Mission Pacific Hotel’s grand opening with “The Need for Speed” weekend experience, inspired by “Top Gun,” which includes skydiving with former Naval aviators into Oceanside beach, private surf lessons with a professional surfer, a custom commemorative David Barr surfboard, and a rooftop celebration complete with Dom Perignon.

Luxury transportation from San Diego or Orange County airports and a two night stay in Mission Pacific’s Ethereal Suite are part of the over-the-top package, which costs $16,000. To book, call 855-365-5078.

Participants will be given two matching bomber jackets and RayBan sunglasses to help ensure they look the part during their action-packed weekend.

Top Gun House is open Wednesday-Monday, noon-8 p.m.

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