‘Trapped!’ Hallowheels brings drive-through terrors to Las Vegas

The world has fallen into dystopian chaos. Your only hope for survival is as a Scrapper, searching the city’s violence-ridden compounds for water, fuel, and weapons under cover of darkness. But the deadly Hekuri mobs are looking for human sacrifices. Will you escape being “Trapped”?


Leave it to Las Vegas entertainers to come up with a safe way to terrorize the populace during a pandemic, saving not only the Halloween season but also Nevada’s out-of-work actors.

Las Vegas entertainment industry professionals have come together to put their talents to good use while also helping their fellow performers in a business that relies on large crowds. Together, they’ve partnered with Backstage Hope Las Vegas, which mobilizes drive-through distribution of hand sanitizer and food, plus contact-free entertainment.

And it’s their October event, Hallowheels “Trapped,” that brings a new form of fiendish frights to Las Vegas, with one simple premise: Search for scraps, and if you get caught, you die.

How does it work? Trapped is a 15-20 minute drive-through production featuring four outdoor show “pods” offering similar experiences, with only two cars allowed into each of the pods at a time. Guests remain in their car throughout the experience, and their windows must remain rolled up.

Along with live actors, the performance includes intense lighting, low visibility, projection technology, lasers, fog, special effects, and unexpected loud sounds and movement. The action takes place all around your car, while an ultra-intense soundtrack accessed via your car stereo adds to the extreme psychological menace.

Here’s a preview of the experience:

Trapped! a Hallowheels, Haunted Halloween Drive Thru in Las Vegas

“Trapped” is recommended for ages 12 and up, while those with certain medical conditions should not attend, including those with sensitivity to strobe effects. Guests are encouraged to wear facial coverings, even while in their car.

Performances take place on select dates from Oct. 8-31, and a percentage of the proceeds will assist local technicians enduring pandemic-related financial difficulties.

Tickets to Hallowheels are date and time specific, and must be purchased in advance at $54.99 per car for 1-4 guests, $79.99 for 5-7 guests. Discount codes are available through Sept. 30.

For more information, visit HallowheelsLV.com.


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