Travel Channel roller coaster series to feature SeaWorld and Busch Gardens – Vote for your favorite

The Travel Channel will soon be featuring Busch Gardens Tampa’s Sheikra and Montu along with SeaWorld Orlando’s Manta and Kraken thrill rides in a series about the best roller coasters in the U.S entitled Insane Coaster Wars. They’re inviting thrill-seekers to settle the battle once and for all and find the best of the best coasters in the U.S.

Now through May 18, you can vote for Sheikra in the “G-Force Giants” category and Manta or Montu in the “Hang’em High” category. The winner of this category will be revealed on the Travel Channel’s Insane Coaster Wars Sunday, July 8, 2012.

Through May 25, you can vote for Kraken in the “Wrong Way Up” category. The winner will be revealed on a future episode of Insane Coaster Wars.

Vote now by Clicking Here. The first episode of Insane Coaster Wars ill air on July 8, 2012 on the Travel Channel.


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