Uniqlo to launch new AIRism face mask in US stores, online

Uniqlo is set to launch a new line of AIRism Face Masks. These masks will be available at all retail stores in the United States and online on Aug.24th.


The AIRism Mask has a triple-layer structure that is essential for maximum efficiency, and the mesh fabric holds a filter at the center of the mask. AIRism keeps wearers dry as it wicks away moisture, releases heat, and absorbs sweat while maintaining a smooth feel. In addition, the triple-layer structure has a Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 40 rating, blocking 90 percent of ultraviolet rays.

The masks will be available in three sizes:

  • Small – 7 inches wide and a height of 4.5 inches
  • Medium – 8.5 inches wide and a height of 5.5 inches
  • Large – 9 inches wide and a height of 5.5 inches.

In comparison, Disney’s size large mask is 7 inches in width and has a height of 5.75 inches. Many men, myself included, feel that even the large size from Disney is too tight of a fit around the ears. Disney occasionally offers an extra large size, but I have yet to find one available in stores.

UNIQLO store tour at Disney Springs Town Center

The Uniqlo store at Disney Springs is a very popular retail location for all kinds of apparel. They offer everything from Disney inspired tees, to workout clothing, polos, eyewear and more. The Disney Springs location, as well as all other Uniqlo stores across the United States, are expected to be selling the AIRism Mask as of Aug. 24th.

The mask can also be purchased online here.


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