Universal celebrating 'Green is Universal' Nov. 5 to 10 – Arrive in a hybrid for special treatment


Universal Parks & Resorts has partnered with the Environmental Media Association to present the week-long “Green is Universal” events in Orlando and Hollywood Nov. 5 to 10. The program will include celebrity kick-off events at both parks, “Eco-Fairs” featuring related information, entertainment and displays, daily events for employees and guests and giveaways of recycled or other environmentally themed products.

As part of its commitment to environmental responsibility, Universal has undertaken a company-wide program to raise awareness among guests and employees, increase recycling ratios to reduce solid waste streams, switch to alternative fuels, conserve energy to reduce carbon footprint, conserve water and adopt the principle of sustainability as a core business value.

Universal Orlando Resort will unveil a ground-breaking bio-fuels initiative that’s unique to the theme park industry in launching its week-long environmental series. Hollywood actress and environmental activist Wendie Malick (NBC’s “Just Shoot Me”) joins in the Florida festivities that also includes a demonstration of the innovative “green” film-making behind the theatrical release “Evan Almighty.”

During the week beginning Monday, Nov. 5, Universal will make special provisions for guests arriving in hybrid vehicles and employees will be encouraged to utilize public transportation for their commutes. Giveaways of recyclable “tote bags,” and distributions of free trees will take place and the week’s activities with be capped off with Eco-Fairs where families can sample the latest in eco-friendly technology and get green tips from experts in many fields.

Looking forward, Universal Parks & Resorts says they have identified key initiatives in the areas of recycling, energy conservation and green fuel technologies. The new Simpsons Ride, to open in spring of 2008, will incorporate green technologies including variable speed motors and energy-efficient lighting. In addition, reclaimed water is being utilized for landscape irrigation throughout Universal, green office standards are being implemented and refined, cleaning products are being replaced with non-toxic equivalents and measures are being taken to sharply reduce the solid waste-stream through increased recycling and “green” sourcing policies. The adoption of biodiesel fuel technology at Universal Orlando is said to result in reduction of CO2 emissions by 158 tons per year.


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