New Jurassic Park themed games of skill open at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

new Jurassic park games at universal

Five new midway-style games are now open inside the Jurassic Park area of Universal’s Islands of Adventure, located between Pizza Predattoria and the Jurassic Park River Adventure.

The highly-themed games are:


Dinosaur Dash Up (top): A head-to-head water race that requires a minimum of two players.



DNA Sequencing: Guests throw objects to pop balloons, and the more balloons that pop, the bigger the prize.
Target Training: Aim at a target with an air gun and try to knock all the cans off the base.



InGen Egg Nursery: A unique fishing game where guests pick three eggs for analyzing to discover what kind of dinosaur is inside the egg. The size of the prize depends on the size of the dino in the egg.



Hammond’s Hot Shots: Guests throw basketballs into a hoop. The more baskets made, the more prizes.


The games have different costs to play. Here’s a Vine video of the InGen Egg Nursery game in action:


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