Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration has ended – Is a drone show next?

Universal Studios Florida ends most theme park days with a lagoon show. But the latest one, Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration, will no longer be at Universal Studios Florida. Some speculate a drone show will be next.

Voldemort in Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration

Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration began in 2018.  This nighttime entertainment option blended multiple panoramic water screens with pyrotechnics, more than 120 dancing fountains, and projection mapping, to transform the entire waterfront and surrounding buildings. This show also featured a Wizarding World segment. John Williams’ iconic music played during these scenes. Also, the projection effects transformed the New York area background into Hogwarts Castle with house banners.

Harry Potter in Universal Orlando's Cinematic Celebration

Other Universal Orlando theme park properties starred in this lagoon show. Guests could enjoy seeing and hearing portions of properties like, “Trolls,” “Jurassic World,” “The Fast and the Furious,” “E.T.,” “Despicable Me, “and “Transformers,”

Jurassic World in Universal Orlando's Cinematic Celebration

Universal Orlando Resort has not announced a replacement for Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration. However, they stated, “We have closed Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration to make way for a new nighttime show experience that will debut at Universal Studios Florida.”

Speculation about replacement for Cinematic Celebration

People watching fireworks during Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration

This news leads to speculation about the next nighttime show at Universal Studios Florida. Since the Universal Studios Florida lagoon show lacks a full fireworks display, the show struggles when compared to the Walt Disney World nighttime spectaculars. With Universal Orlando’s location near some residential areas in Orlando, a full fireworks show cannot happen.

Nevertheless, rumors started in late January that Universal Orlando Resort was considering a drone show over the Universal Studios Florida lagoon. A drone show would empower Universal’s nighttime presentation with more ways to entertain the crowds.

Once again, Universal Orlando has said nothing official. A drone show, or at least a drone portion added to the other elements, would boost interest in Universal Studios Florida’s lagoon show. Further adding to a possible significant change would be that Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration does not happen during Mardi Gras season at Universal Orlando Resort. This break allows the company to make significant changes without disrupting the nighttime schedule. Logic dictates that from a practical timing standpoint, a significant change could happen in the two and half month window of Mardi Gras festivities. This combination of facts might mean a new nighttime show will start soon after Mardi Gras ends on April 16.

Will you miss this lagoon show?”  Are you excited about the next nighttime show at Universal Orlando Resort? Do you think a drone show will replace the lagoon show? Let us know in the comment below.


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  1. Really disappointed when I visited universal with a family member who has never been before , I had told him how great the show was ,only to find out it has been stopped !😡, Fuming is an understatement!, how boring of a way to end the night 😴😴😴😴
    And all the people who have paid good money to go !