Universal Orlando now offering ‘Buy a Day,’ visit all year tickets for Florida residents

Universal Orlando is now offering a new ticket option for Florida residents called the “Buy a Day” ticket. It allows unlimited visits for most of 2020 for the price of just one day.

buy a day

This ticket is valid for unlimited admission between Aug. 1 and Dec. 24, 2020, allowing the guest to return any time between those dates. There are also no blockout dates, and the admission doesn’t have to be used on consecutive days. Tickets must be purchased by Sept. 30, and a valid Florida photo ID is required to receive the deal.

Also, keep in mind that these new promotional tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and you’ll need to use the same ticket each time you want to return to the park.

Below are the prices for this special ticket offer:

  • 2-Park, 1-Day Buy a Day – Adult: $164.00
  • 2-Park, 1-Day Buy a Day – Child: $159.00
  • 2-Park, 1-Day Buy a Day PLUS Volcano Bay – Adult: $193.00
  • 2-Park, 1-Day Buy a Day PLUS Volcano Bay – Child: $188.00

If this sounds like an offer you’re interested in, you can check it out and purchase your ticket here.


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  1. I just bought premium passes for 1300.00 now I don’t Holloween horror nights, and express which is now good for other passholder plans, can I refund and downgrade ?.. I’m not very happy with the service I’m not getting

    1. You don’t have to pay $25 every time you go to the park, nor do you have to pay for that express after 4 and you get additional discounts plus your pass is for an entire year not just four months. $170 for a quarter a year would be about 680 for a whole year price wise. You’re still getting the better deal. A season pass for FL res is $270 with no parking for a whole year plus the three months free they have now. Annual pass > than this ticket. Now if you’re just going 1-3 times then the ticket is worth it.

    2. You understand they , UO are fighting for their lives right? A 95% drop in revenue. Let’s pray they can hold on for the sake of their employees.

    3. Looks like you that scammed . I bought the lowest price annual pass and all the blackout deeds opened up for me. Whats messed up is Florida residents get cheaper annual pass. Out of state people are the one paying for travel and hotels each time, plus we have to put up with the locals.

    1. Go back to the website and read everything on the page. The deal is you buy a 1 day or 2 day etc whatever ticket doesn’t matter. What matters is whatever ticket you buy on the website entitles you to go back to Universal EVERY DAY if you want until December 24, 2020. If you buy a 2 park ticket, then you can visit two parks EVERY DAY until December 24, 2020. Just READ the website page. It really does tell you everything you need to know (or gives you links to get more info). Don’t understand why everyone thinks Universal is trying to rip off their adoring public. They have been closed down for months and are probably so RELIEVED to be back up and running…yet so many people want to demonize them for offering a R E A L L Y good deal. Buy ONE freaking ticket and you get free admission EVERY DAY until December 24th. What is the problem with that?

  2. I clicked the link at the end and it took me to the universal website. The deal is that you buy one day ,price inclusive for both Universal/Island of Adventure, and you can use the second day anytime by Dec 24, 2020. It is not unlimited.

    1. Here’s the wording from the website.
      “Get access to both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure any time each day for the price of one day thru Dec. 24.”
      You may be seeing something different if you’re not in Florida or the browser isn’t recognizing it.

    1. The article is correct. Here is wording sent to us by our Universal rep: “Florida residents that purchase a 2-Park or 3-Park ticket will receive access to the theme parks every day now through Dec. 24.”

  3. What does the fine print mean by “non consecutive days”? Is that essentially saying you can’t go on back to back days like a Saturday and Sunday with the offer? If so would you be able to visit say the water park one day and do Universal the next? Thanks for the your insight!