Unofficial guide to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lightsaber gatherers

In Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, there are whispers of a place where Force users can harness their abilities to forge the galaxy’s most elegant weaponry, thanks to the help of the lightsaber Gatherers.

lightsaber gatherers
Photo by Brooke Geiger McDonald

The Gatherers are non-Jedi worshippers who strive to preserve the teachings of the Jedi and ensure its survival despite the reign of the First Order. You’ll find them at Savi & Son Salvage, sometimes known as Savi’s Workshop, which poses as a Batuuan scrapyard to hide its true purpose. Savi, the workshop’s owner, is a Gatherer and friend of the late Lor San Tekka, who was once associated with Luke Skywalker.

The lightsaber Gatherers at Savi’s all fall under a rank system, with Kembe being the leader. They are often the very Gatherer travelers will encounter when seeking to build their sabers.

By Mark Daniel

In the unofficial “Visual Dictionary” graphic above, you can see the Gatherers are dressed for the scrapyard, covered in heavy protective garments from head to toe — which also serves to disguise them in plain sight. On them at all times is a Scrapper Tool and Comm Pad, as well as a name tag that displays their rank or name. When traveling off-planet to search for ancient relics, the Gatherers utilize the YT-2400 light freighter, a model used by both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance in the Imperial Era.

lightsaber gatherers
Photo by Brooke Geiger McDonald

When it comes to the Force and being involved in the ongoing space conflict, Savi says the Gatherers are “the flock, not the shepherds. We have no powers, no edict. We can only wait and watch and listen, not guide. We hold a candle, but will not light any fuse. We do protect the balance, but not by shifting the scales.” You won’t find the Gatherers joining either side of the war in Black Spire Outpost, but it is easy to tell where their support lies.

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Watch our video of the full lightsaber building experience at Savi’s Workshop below:

Full Lightsaber Building Process at Savi's Workshop in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

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