Europe’s highest and longest dive coaster, Valkyria, now open

Liseberg, a theme park located in Gothenburg, Sweden, held its grand opening of the new record-breaking roller coaster, Valkyria, on Aug. 10.

A look at Europe’s newest dive coaster, Valkyria.

This coaster is now both the highest and longest dive coaster in Europe, and has the highest drop in Scandinavia at 50 meters.

Eighteen riders will sit in three rows as their legs dangle free on the coaster, before heading up a 45-degree climb up to the highest point, 47 meters in the air. Just as the coaster train is about to head over the edge, it pauses as passengers are suspended in the air for a second or two before they plummet down into an underground tunnel.

Construction on the coaster began back in September of 2016, and took its time on the groundwork and digging the underground tunnel.

“It’s been a complicated project, but the end result has been worth all the wait in the world,” said Andreas Andersen, Liseberg’s CEO. “We have built a new Liseberg icon – a new favorite for the guests that puts Liseberg and Gothenburg on the map and will attract visitors for years to come.”

To ride Valkyria, at least one guest in a pair has to be at least 52 inches tall, 7 years old, and have a ride pass or four ride coupons. Valkyria will be open to guests for the rest of the summer season, as well as Halloween at Liseberg.

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Check out our POV video of Valkyria below:


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