VIDEO: Indiana Jones Epic Stunt team returns in spectacular fashion

With Walt Disney World being closed for well over a month now due to COVID-19, the stunt team for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Disney’s Hollywood Studios decided to imagine what it might be like when they can finally return to work.

indiana jones

UPDATE – 05/25/20: The rest of the team at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, including the techs, stage managers, and actors, have all made their own videos of what it could be like to return to work—take a look:

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Tech Return to Work
EPIC Stage Manager Team Returns to Work after COVID-19: Vid 4
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Actors Get Ready to Go back after COVID-19 | Stunt Video Spoof

In a video posted on Facebook, the stunt team showed us a possible future when the parks reopen and they are encouraged to return to work “in a safe and orderly fashion.”

Twenty-four stunt team members in total were involved in the video, organized by Zachary Miller and Aaron Zoldan.

When asked about what inspired the video, Miller said “We were having fun making videos, occupying the time [at home] in a fun way for our families, and then wanted to make a bigger video […] to incorporate everyone from our team. [It was] also a way of team bonding remotely! We all have families at home but our team is also our work family, and we miss everyone.”

The video took about six days to create, from the conception of the idea to posting it on social media.

“The most difficult part of the project was coordinating the transitions from person to person between takes,” said Miller, who is a tumbler in the Studios stunt show. “In the end, we had to go back and re-film a couple of segments and add some in to make the transitions work.”

What Miller hopes that fans get out of this video the most is something to look forward to and a promise that the magic will return.

indiana jones
This message of hope was driven home even more in the video with the inclusion of this fun graphic of Mickey as Indy himself.

“We hope that this gives Disney fans something to look forward to and for them to know that the Disney dream and team lives on!” said Miller. “We will be back so soon!”

As for what will happen when the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular team actually can return to work? A second video isn’t off the table!

“After seeing all the Disney fans support [our video], I think this is definitely on our agenda to do again!” said Miller.

You can check out the epic video for yourself below:

UPDATE – 05/08/20: Feeling a little left out, the actors at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular shared their own video of an imaginary return to work on Facebook! Check it out below:

In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates as we wait for the Disney Parks to reopen to guests.


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  1. Great stunt people, hope when disney opens, Indiana jones will be back with a vengence!!!!!!