Local 5K relocates to Universal Orlando – Participants run through both theme parks – Video/Photos

By Don Gworek

Orlando’s longest-running local road race, the Dick Batchelor 5K, relocated to Universal Orlando this year. The event raises money for a number of children’s charities. Here’s a look at this morning’s run.

Last year’s registration was approximately 1,200, and this year it jumped to 1,800. This was the 30th running of the Dick Batchelor 5K. The course ran through both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, allowing runners to visit all of the lands in both theme parks in record time.

Here are some snapshots showing some of the views seen on race morning and a video link. You’ll be able to see what it’s like to run through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Dick Batchelor 5K held at the Universal Orlando Resort and run through both parks


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  1. your videos are getting more awesome all the time. can you please tell me how you did the opening of this video with the globe spinning? did you just walk slowly around it and then speed it up? or did you take a time lapse approach then speed it up? thanks.

  2. For both globe segments, it’s a mix of stop motion animation and sped up live action.

    I used a monopod to keep the camera close to the same height and angle. Aimed the camera to the globe center as best as I could. Snapped a photo. Counted 5 steps. And repeated this process as uniform duration as I could so that the globe was moving uniformly in playback time too.

    At the end I shot about a minute of video, thinking it would play at speed, but giving the option to speed it up. It looked wrong and slow at real time speed, so I sped it up I think 6x and matched the in point to the last still frame.

    The still shots had to be tweaked to be properly centered on the globe.

    I didn’t think the first shot seen in the video was going to work. But it turned out really well! It’s my favorite of the two shots, but was filmed second.

    Both were incredibly lucky shots, done without planning.