Video: Michael Jackson's "Thriller" reenactment at Spooky Empire 2009

As part of Spooky Empire’s “Ultimate Horror Weekend” 2009 in Orlando, two impressive reenactments of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” took place in the parking lot of Friday’s Front Row on International Drive.

Enjoy the full first performance here:

The above show was performed by the Rich Weirdoes and Cheryl Sington’s Dance Warehouse. Sington is one of the original dancers from the “Thriller” music video. The opening ceremonies were put on by the Deadite Empire.

A little while later, “Thriller” music video director John Landis showed up to watch the second performance featuring more of the children from The Dance Warehouse:

Director John Landis takes photos of the “Thriller” performance.

Landis poses with the “Thriller” performers, Cheryl Sington’s Dance Warehouse and the Rich Weirdos.

You can find plenty more photos from the Spooky Empire “Thriller” reenactment and zombie walk in our photo gallery.


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