VIDEO: The restaurants of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

To help make Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge even more immersive and inspire all five senses, the Disney Parks food and beverage creative teams worked together to create diverse and unique offerings.

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The new land features a “farm to table” dining feel, which can be typically found in more rural areas. The food and drink items in Black Spire Outpost call back to an ancient culture, passed down from generation to generation. Even the vessels that the items come in are exotic and otherworldly.

There are five distinct places to get your grub on in Black Spire Outpost:

  • Oga’s Cantina – the main watering hole for the outpost, offering plenty of galactic beverages.
  • Ronto Roasters – offers the signature Ronto Wrap and specialty drink, Tatooine Sunset. This place can be easily recognized by the podracing engine that fires up a barbecue pit.
  • Milk Stand – offers both Blue and Green Milk, which are local favorites.
  • Docking Bay 7 and Cargo – try a variety of foods from across the galaxy in Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs’ hangar.
  • Kat Saka’s Kettle – here you can try unique, mushroom corn and popcorn mixes with a bit of bite.

Check out our video taking a look at all of these dining locations and their offerings below:

The Restaurants of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

To see the full menu for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, check out our foodie guide here.


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