Volunteer as tribute at ‘The World of The Hunger Games’ theme park land

Hall of Heroes

By Jake Goldberg

If you have ever watched the Hunger Games movies, where children are forced into an arena to kill each other and thought, “This would make a great theme park!”, well, you’re in luck.

The newly built land “The World Of The Hunger Games” is now officially open, and can be explored inside Dubai’s Motiongate theme park.

Located in the Lionsgate section of the park, The Hunger Games inspired land immerses guests inside the world of Panem. Nothing sounds more fun than walking the streets of a post-apocalyptic dystopian society … right?

Don’t let the general theming of Panem bum you out, as Motiongate has added thrilling new attractions and entertainment to distract you from the all too relevant landscape.

This latest expansion features two new unique attractions. Take an adrenaline-fueled ride from District 12 to the Capital on the “Capital Bullet Train”, a larger than life high-speed coaster which lives up to its name.

If that doesn’t suit you, why not take to the skies and visit some of Panem’s districts when you board the “Panem Aerial Tour”? This is a 4D motion simulator attraction to give you a new look at the world of The Hunger Games.

While you wait for your aerial tour to begin, you’ll catch a glimpse at the “Hall of Heroes”, which is located inside the Aerial Tour’s queue.

Looking for some entertainment outside of some thrilling new attractions? Don’t worry, as the themed land offers live entertainment. No, you won’t have to witness kids battling each other. Roaming the streets, you can catch the District 12 Coal Miners performing live.

For more information on the “World of The Hunger Games” land and attractions, visit MotiongateDubai.com.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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