Vote online to support a fan-made Disney Parks Lego set

A Disney Parks fan has designed the Disneyland of his dreams using over 2,000 Lego bricks, and you can now vote online to turn his concept into an actual Lego set.

Disney Parks Lego Ideas
You can now vote to turn this dream Disney Park into a real Lego kit.

Thomas C., known in the Lego building community as Brickproject, has built a dream Disney park incorporating attractions from Anaheim, Orlando, Paris, and even Hong Kong. The model uses 2,200 Lego bricks to recreate the Tower of Terror and Big Thunder Mountain from Disneyland Paris, Space Mountain and Cinderella Castle from Walt Disney World, Pixar Pal-A-Round from Disney California Adventure, Matterhorn Bobsleds from Disneyland, and the Main Street USA train station from Disneyland Hong Kong.

“I took me 3 days to complete the build (in my spare time),” Thomas told Attractions Magazine. “I have always wanted to submit a project based on the map of my favorite park, but I took my time because I knew it will take hours of strong effort to complete. And I can say that I am proud of the finished result. Building something giant in a micro scale, is undoubtedly a huge challenge: because you need to find the right piece in the right place to make it look like the real ride.

“It’s my first big project I submitted on Lego Ideas: it contains 2250 bricks, so it may take 3 hours to build, I think. As a fan of Disney and of course Disney parks, I wanted to create something that represents the world of Disney and not especially a particular park, so I tried to put the most iconic rides of different parks…I am still thinking to add more rides to the map, but there is a limit of 3000 pieces per project on lego ideas, so I need to be careful not to exceed this limitation.”

You can visit Brickproject’s Disney Parks page on the official Lego Ideas website, and vote to support the design. Currently, the kit has attracted over 2,750 supporters. If the concept reaches 10,000 votes before January 28, 2020, then it may be sold as an actual Lego set.

Vote for Brickproject’s Disney Parks Lego set, then watch these videos for more Lego theme park fun:

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