Starbucks seems to be what keeps ‘The Walking Dead’ moving

A Starbucks location in Peachtree City, Ga. has had firsthand experience with the walking dead – they come at night, just before close. And they’re shockingly thirsty, for zombies.

walking dead
Who would’ve thought that zombies love Starbucks coffee?

“Usually they come in spurts – maybe three nights in a row and then we won’t see them for two months,” said Kelly Roberts, manager of the location.

An ever-growing number of films and television shows are now filmed in Georgia, including the AMC hit “The Walking Dead,” which sometimes films just miles away from Roberts’ store.

“That makes us the closest Starbucks to the zombies,” said Roberts.

walking dead
You’d think with all the coffee they drink, the zombies would move a little faster…

Back in June of this year, a production assistant arrived at the store and ordered 68 drinks at once for the cast and crew of both zombies and humans.

On a more recent night, the PA’s arrived with an order for 41 drinks. As it turns out, zombies’ favorite Starbucks drinks are grande lattes and mochas – hot or iced, depending on the season.

“It’s kind of fun when they come in because customers are always baffled by what could possibly be going on that someone would need so many drinks,” said Roberts. “It’s kind of fun for us, too. I never imagined anything close to this cool would have happened in my town, but here I am, 34 years later and serving zombies coffee.”

To learn more about what fuels the zombies of “The Walking Dead,” visit “The Walking Dead” returns on Sunday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. eastern on AMC.

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