Disney World passholder MagicBands now available – How to get yours

by Banks Lee

MagicBands at the Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World is rolling out MagicBand orders to all passholders throughout March. You may or may not get an e-mail from Disney letting you know your MagicBand is ready to be customized and ordered. So we’ve put together step-by-step instructions on how to see if you are able to get your free MagicBand yet.

UPDATE: March 13, 2014 – Disney has announced that all passholders are now part of MyMagic+ and can order their MagicBands and make FastPass+ selections from up to 30 days in advance, limited to seven days of selections at a time in a rolling 30-day window. The seven days don’t have to be consecutive and additional days can be planned as soon as one of the existing days is used. FastPass+ selections can be made from home at MyDisneyExperience.com or on the My Disney Experience app.

MagicBands are complimentary for passholders, and below you can see our guide to ordering a Band:


My Disney Experience MagicBand customizing The first thing you should do is sign in to your My Disney Experience account at MyDisneyExperience.com.


My Disney Experience MagicBand customizing If you’re able to customize and order your MagicBand, you will see a clickable notification on the home screen saying “Personalize Your MagicBands.” Click that to be taken to the next step. If you don’t see that, then the rollout hasn’t gotten to you just yet. Check back periodically throughout March.


My Disney Experience MagicBand customizing After clicking “Personalize Your MagicBands,” it will take you your “MagicBands and Cards” screen. To start your MagicBand order, you will need to confirm your shipping address. Click “Edit Address.”
Note: You can also get to this screen by moving over the My Disney Experience logo at the top right and clicking “MagicBands and Cards” under My Account.


My Disney Experience MagicBand customizing Once you confirm your shipping address, you can then customize your MagicBand by choosing which color you’d like and the name you’d like on the back of it.


My Disney Experience MagicBand customizing After customizing your MagicBand, you have two options. You can go back and change the color and name by clicking “Edit Address,” or if you’re happy with your choice, you can click “Ship MagicBands Now.” Once you click that, you will no longer be able to change the color or name on the band.


My Disney Experience MagicBand customizing Congratulations! Your passholder MagicBand will now be processed and delivered to you. Depending on when you put your order in, the shipping time-frame may be different, but as of this post, pass holder MagicBands will be shipping out mid-March. You’ll need to repeat this process for each passholder in your family.


Annual pass holder magicbands When your MagicBand gets shipped to you, it will include a special passholder Slider and a new discount card. The card is to be used for free parking and merchandise discounts. It cannot be used as an admission card.

UPDATE: March 13, 2014 – In regards to the discount card, Disney has said that passholders should present the discount card and a photo ID to obtain discounts around Walt Disney World. The card will come in either gold or black. Gold cards indicate that parking is complimentary for the passholder, while black indicates that the passholder must pay for parking.

Passholder discount card at disney


UPDATE: March 24, 2014 – Below you can see the new box design that Disney is sending passholders their MagicBands in, plus everything that is included inside.

Disney Passholder MagicBand package

For more information about MagicBands and FastPass+, be sure to order our complete guide to MagicMands and FastPass+ in our Spring 2014 issue of Orlando Attractions Magazine.


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Mike Cloud March 7, 2014 - 2:59 pm

I used a MagicBand during my visit in December. It definitely made things easier and faster.

Bob March 7, 2014 - 4:33 pm

Can passsholders be able to pick up the band at the park instead of having it ship to their homes?

Paul March 8, 2014 - 9:05 am

So can AP holders ordering their MBs for the first time now also make advance FP+ reservations? Or do they still have to use the in-park kiosks?

Anabella March 8, 2014 - 2:57 pm

I can only see to customize one of my daughters, any idea on how to make the rest of the family appear? (I do have them associated and I do already manage their accounts)

Zixi March 15, 2014 - 3:16 pm

Do we need to be WDW annual passholders to join “My Magic+” and get Magic Bands in the mail? It may be cheaper to buy “day” tickets — we are coming in late May — but if Magic Bands aren’t possible with “just” tickets, we will need to upgrade our current DLR APs to WDW premiers. We will be staying on-site regardless. Thanks!

Banks Lee March 16, 2014 - 7:51 pm

If you plan on staying on-site, you will get MagicBands through your Disney resort. Guests not staying on-site cannot get them through a day ticket, only passholders are able to get Bands outside of staying at a resort. Hope that helps!

Heather March 31, 2014 - 4:47 pm

I’m a passholder and it’s now the end of march and it still hasn’t let me order my band. Everyone else in my family as well as all my friends have already ordered/received theirs and I’m wondering if I’ve been doing something wrong. Was I supposed to click on something in the initial e-mail cause all I saw was holders could order bands and the message has since been deleted

shaikha April 9, 2014 - 8:51 am

hi we’re family of 8 and we want to buy the magic band ya and we have 3 rooms in grand floridian so we’ve gone to the site to buy the magic band 3 were in my account and 3 in my father and 3 in my mom account so its 9 bands and we are 8 ! yes and we want them all to be in one account plz help us thank you

Eric Dodson April 13, 2017 - 2:45 pm

I don’t want a Mortgage, just want our free band for my wife and I.


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