Walt Disney World relaxes face covering rules for outdoor photos

Walt Disney World Resort has quietly updated its rules regarding the use of face coverings when it comes to taking outdoor photos at the parks — the first significant relaxing of the mask rules to date.

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According to the official Walt Disney World website, starting April 8, 2021, guests will be allowed to temporarily remove their face covering while actively taking an outdoor photo, so long as they are stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing. Previously, guests were required to wear their masks at all times unless eating or drinking while stationary.

While this is a first for Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort has had a similar exception to the rule in place for some time now. Per the Universal Orlando website, guests are able to briefly remove their face mask during outdoor character photo-ops only so long as they are adhering to social distancing guidelines and are at least six feet away from the characters and other travel parties. After the photo has taken place, guests are required to put their masks back on. This rule does not apply to indoor photo-ops.

What do you think of this relaxation to the face covering rules at Walt Disney World? Are you waiting to visit until masks are no longer required? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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