We wore a mask all day in the hot sun at a theme park; Here’s our experience and advice

Yesterday was the first time the Universal Orlando Resort theme parks re-opened to the public. I went with a friend, to enjoy the parks from 8 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. Universal Orlando, along with many other locations in Florida, require guests to wear face coverings in the parks. While many of us have worn a mask in a grocery store for about 30 minutes, this endeavor was entirely different. And, somewhat more difficult than I originally anticipated. Here’s what we experienced wearing masks for almost 12 hours with the temperatures in the 90s most of the day.


Choosing a mask is vitally important, as there are many different kinds of face coverings to choose among. Most use the ear-loop kind, as show by my friend in the image above. I personally use the wrap around, over your head style, also known as Neck Gaiters, and can be seen below. Masks are different for everyone and it is highly recommended to try a few styles until you get one that feels comfortable.

Throughout the day, we never had problems with our masks being uncomfortable, even on high-speed coasters like Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Getting a soft mask that doesn’t pull on your head or ears is essential for all day usage. While at Universal, we noted that many guests were purchasing them there. One guest who bought the new Universal Pass Holder mask said it was much softer and sat on his face better than the one they had before.


For most of the day, breathing was easy. Again, we had little-to-no discomfort on major rides like the Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster. We were allowed to take our masks off for the Jurassic Park River Adventure. Guests can keep their masks on or take them off for water attractions at Universal Orlando. The distance between guests is much greater on this attraction than in others. That, combined with the chance of getting the mask very wet, is why guests are allowed this exception. Universal team members will explicitly tell you if you can take your mask off.

We did have issues later in the day though. Heavy rains poured down in the park, getting both of our masks very wet. We got rained on while riding Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. The rain, combined with the launch speeds and the soaked mask, made it hard for me to catch my breath. I did, at one point, have to slide a hand in my mask to make a gap in-between my nose and the fabric. I was never panicked by a difficulty to breath, but I felt safer at that point to make that gap with my hand instead of forcing myself to breath much heavier than normal.

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Everyone in our party was in their twenties, but the Florida sun and heat can be overwhelming to anyone at times. (Our 50-year-old publisher was there for three hours mid-day and said he had no problems with his mask.) I felt my own mask was alright for most of the day. But the black cloth, combined with the fact that it covers my entire neck, made me sweat on my face and neck in the mid-afternoon. I’m not usually a fan of water attractions, but we did head to the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride specifically to cool off.

During our visit the temperature reached 91º Fahrenheit and there were times with little-to-no cloud cover. Times like this weren’t an issue except when we had to walk extended distances. 91º in the sunlight is hot, with or without a mask. I think the masks made it feel a bit warmer, but honestly it didn’t make a huge difference. I personally never felt faint or worried the mask would dangerously increase my temperature.

When to take masks off

While we mostly wore our masks for the 12 hours, there were periods where we did take them off. There are, of course, times that masks are simply not possible. One of those times is when walking around with a snack or drink. Guests are encouraged to take a sip or bite, then return their masks until the next sip or bite of food.

At the Universal Orlando Resort there are U•Rest locations where masks are not required . These large areas have seating and ample room to social distance. The particular U•Rest location pictured above is located in the Central Park area that guests go to watch Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration (which isn’t currently running).

We also took our face coverings off when seated in dining locations. Many quick service locations that normally give out free water now require guests to be seated first. Even if you just want water, you must be seated. While this may take more time, it does allow a spot to rest, cool down and take the mask off. All of the team members always leave their masks on.

Tips to improve your day

These new rules will not last forever. But for now, masks and social distancing are a part of visiting most of the major theme park destinations. If you decide to come and enjoy the attractions, food and shows, here’s what can help:

  • Take extra breaks throughout the day.
  • Drink water more often.
  • Look for rides or areas that allow you to take your mask off.
  • Break your day into sections with an extended mid-day meal or rest.
  • Find a mask that is most comfortable to you before you visit.
  • Have patience with employees and fellow park guests.
  • Read over posted rules before arriving and follow them. (Remember, the masks must cover your nose as well as your mouth.)
  • You can also bring extra masks to switch out during the day in case the first set gets wet, sweaty or dirty.

Will you be heading to major theme park locations when they re-open? Are you willing to wear a mask all day long? Have any other tips? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I’ve visited Orlando theme parks from the UK regularly for decades – it’s my fave place in the world.

    I’ve just cancelled my scheduled trip for October – wearing face masks NOPE – transatlantic flight – HUGE NOPE!!!

    We need to be sensible we need to stay safe we need to beat this.

    See you on the other side of C-19 Universal and Disney ❤️

    1. The writer claiming it wasn’t that bad is lying. When we were there this last weekend, it was hot and horrible! You can’t breathe when it is hot and humid! They also are forcing people to wear them at the water park which is dangerous! Boycott places that make you wear them and email them your concerns. It is insane to wear masks when covid started in November!! Like wearing a condom at a baby shower. 😉 Ps. Wait for rides are much higher 60+ min because they only half fill them, boycott!

        1. Sounds like the writer is shilling for the parks – maybe to curry their “appreciation”?

          1. Masks are nuts but you have no choice so buy one thats easy to breathe thru. There are many choices online. The vaccine will i think allow the world to return norm i hope.

        2. So almost every blogger said it wasn’t a big deal but most non-bloggers said it was.

          I’m sure the bloggers are just tougher than normal guests and don’t have any ulterior motive to make it sound more enjoyable that it actually is.

          The minimal crowds that are there emptying the park by noon tell you anything you need to know.

          1. Maybe the bloggers just like the parks more than regular guests and are willing to put up with more inconvenience. Or maybe the masks and heat just affect different people differently.

          1. Honestly, the wait for rides is less time.
            Example: Hagrid ‘ s is by virtual reservation now. I’ve waited OVER 3 hrs before Covid 19 to ride, Friday, June 5th, 30min, i was VERY VERY HAPPY! Spider-Man, 5 minutes via walking in.

            I’m a passholder, woke up at 5am to drive from St Petersburg for the reopening June 5th. Yes, wearing a mask made my neck sweat yet honestly, it’s not like OMG. I was wearing the type of mask you wear when going to Dr when sick. My kid was wearing a cloth one bought at City Walk a week earlier

            Hope this helps

            PS….when planning to go, download the app, it’s where you will find which rides are virtual only and able to reserve your time

            Have fun

        3. The mask thing is overkill. In illinois (and this was a statement from Dr. Ngozi Exile a supposed high level doctor) if a patient dies from anything and is tested after death and found to have had COVID it is countes as a COVID death. Even a gunshot death is counted here. Now that is just ridiculous. So of course we are going to be sceptical. Also, all of a sudden since the protests and riots medical staff are saying it is ok to NOT social distance.
          Why all of a sudden. And of course it is my choice not to go to the parks and I wont until this is over, but again, it is ridiculous especially beinf outside.

          1. AGREED!
            Observe what is actually going on, not what media or supposed officials tell you. This is just a flu, nothing more.
            Don’t be the sheep that mindlessly follow this hyped up narrative.

          2. He’s not lying. Any trace of covid regardless of cause of death is marked as covid death. It’s better money for the hospitals

        4. Nope your writer is lying….this is what propaganda looks like and I am glad the American people see this article for what it is: mainstream democratic propaganda!

          1. This is capitalist propaganda bro its assuring you its just like normal and you shouldn’t have any second guesses about buying a pass to visit, and then spend way more on hydration in the park since we are lying and it absolutely does make it hotter. This is ab not wanting to any money

        5. We went with a party of 10, from teens to 60’s, I run triathlons. It was miserable, people felt faint, couldn’t breathe correctly and panicked when mask got wet in the rain, the humidity made it feel like I was being smothered. We left, now going back until masks are not required.

        6. I felt like she was lying, too. She was selling it really hard. Masks are not fun. I don’t know one person that is comfortable in a mask, especially on a hot day!

          1. The female in question is my friend. I, Tharin the writer, am in the second shot. We mention that it is not ideal as compared to not having to wear masks. But, it is preferred over not going to the parks. We mention that we had trouble with excess sweat and breathing issues in the rain. We aren’t selling anything. I would love to be paid by Universal for writing articles, but we aren’t. This was our experience that we wanted to share.

        7. True. It depends on the individual. And she is right. Use one that gives you comfort wearing it for at least a day. We were there last week for the opening, never had a problem. Wearing mask for us is adding up more of the fun. Were just grateful we are still able to enjoy little things in our life and adopt a small changed of what’s is normal for now. God bless us all.

          1. I’m disabled as well as asthmatic so wearing a mask is kinda hellish but I’m not missing out on a chance to smile for awhile in what has been a god awful year.

            1. My friend in the main article photo did not write this. As stated, I am the guy in the second photo. And, I was not paid by Universal to write this article. I wrote this to give an idea of our personal experience in the park.

        8. All the people who were in the group were in their 20’s. Of course, they won’t have much of a problem. I’m twice that age and I’ve lived in Florida for 30 years. I still can’t take the heat. Maybe if you had different ages in the “group” to be there the WHOLE 12 hours We’d have a different outlook. But I call b.s. too.

      1. I went to Disney Orlando once a week for 4 weeks in February 2019 and wait times were up to 3 hours at many places!

        1. In Florida it’s not a state rule to wear masks it is only recommended not required. The parks are making this a requirement.

          1. The parks are not state run. They are business that have the right to run there business the way they feel is safe for them (employees), and those who visit. If you don’t want to wear a mask, by all means stay home. If you want to go to a theme park, for now, wear a mask. You people seem to forget, our country has the highest death count from this virus in the WORLD. Has nothing to do with our size, or population. It has to do with poor management of this situation. How many people would sue a business if they thought the got Covid-19 from going to that place, and that business was lacking rules for social distancing. SHUT UP AND WEAR THE FLIPPING MASK!

            End of rant.

          2. Only sheep wear it. “Recommended” is the key term. Vaccine should be ready in about 29 years if proper science is used.

          1. Some counties such as Osceola (Kissimmee) did mandate masks. The state did not, but some counties did.

          2. This is a reply to Diane.
            When Covid first broke out CDC said DON’T wear masks, that there is NO evidence or empirical data that suggests it does anything to slow or stop the spread of the disease.
            Covid is a virus and people are walking around wearing nothing more than dust masks. Its equivalent to trying to drink water if the container were a size. Remember hearing the term N95 masks? that’s an important term, the N95 refers to a certain particle size that is filtered through the mask. those are the minimum filtration masks to prevent the virus from passing through.
            Also wearing a hot moist fabric over your face for 12 hours and breathing through it is NOT a good idea. what usually happens to warm most things?? Bacteria grows!!! So your essentially waking around with a petri dish on your face.
            Lastly and most importantly, what ever happened to personal choice? if I don’t want to protect myself, I WON’T.
            I’m free to juggle chain saws, smoke 5 packs a day, drink a fifth of scotch, eat McDonald’s, Taco Bell, BK or whatever or fast food to my hearts content… but darn it all…i better protect myself from potentially dangerous air.
            if your going to claim the masks are there to protect others, see my previous point on the uselessness of dust control masks (the packaging in which they come even day “not for medical use”).
            if you’re concerned about catching ANY virus or germs (because they out number us by about a trillion to one) then by all means take what ever fool hearty steps you want.
            but if I want to breathe the air without exposing myself to a petric dish worth of bacteria on my face, I’ll pass on the mask.
            a few months after the parks are open, you’ll begin seeing lawsuits for people getting respiratory illness, dermal rashes, throat irritation, nasal issues, etc.
            It’s GOING to happen, because the masses (which are generally stupid and ill informed) said so.
            not because if data and/or facts.

        2. Wearing the mask does nothing… the staff does not change their gloves at all. I watched a clerk handle multiple debit cards and never changed her gloves. The gloves are far worse than worrying about a mask. Its very hard to breath. When they are wet, its like water boarding. So, wearing a mask is dangerous. Only time til some drops and sues…

          1. People are idiots and would easily agree to anything out of fear.. no thank you, I’m not going to visit any of these parks if I have to wear a mask!

          1. Masks may not be mandated as a general rule in Florida, but I followed the reopening negotiations for amusement parks closely, do you think for one moment that the theme parks want to enforce wearing a mask? Do you think they are not aware that guests will stay away because they have to wear a mask? Just on a completely callous monetary level don’t you think they would want to do everything they could do pack as many people into those parks as possible to make up the capital that they have lost over the last 3 months ? Now with all that in mind do you think maybe just maybe there is a well thought out reason that it’s required? As for lawsuits you can be sure that the parks respective legal departments have taken a through look at the situation and if it was a concern they would not be opening with this restriction in place. They are doing everything they can to give us what we are demanding …. that they open.

        3. Yes, when the governors of the lockdown states told us we would kill grandma without a mask and then said it was only ok to protest these last weeks and were not concerned at all about the spread of the virus. Only concerned when it was a about opening churches and protesting for opening businesses. They were then threatening to throw people in jail.

        4. 🤣 This virus has shown who has common sense and who doesn’t! If you can’t follow the rules, don’t go! It’s that simple!

      2. Everyone handles things differently-
        She spoke of her personal experience.
        That’s not ‘lying’. If you don’t want to go, then don’t. Amusement Parks are not a life requirement , they are a choice.
        A Good Article, thank you.

        1. Totally agree! I don’t understand why people have such issues about following guidelines to stay safe. Nobody is forcing anyone to go. If you don’t like the rules…stay in your own back yard and order a blow up pool. Stop complaining about something that’s helping to keep all of us alive..its that simple. Thanks G and be safe and well.

          1. So if I don’t agree with you I don’t get to go. I think the mask should be up to the individual. If you’re wearing a life-saving mask you have nothing to worry about.

        2. G. Shame on you for sounding rational.

          Lol, joking.

          We need more people like you who make sense. No one is being forced to go to the park, it’s a choice… so stop complaining.

          1. So let’s say people decide to shell out a bunch of money to go the park based on this article. After a short time, they realize it’s actually VERY uncomfortable and hot and not worth it. Would that be a reason to complain about this article? Afterall, now the park has its money, if the people were suckers…that’s on them I guess.

        3. Please everyone the writer of the blog is a man. Why is everyone say her or she? No I do not work at Universal and do not know the blogger. This is all very simple either you want to go to any major theme park bad enough and will wear the darn masks or you don’t and will stay home.

      3. The writer isn’t lying because it wasn’t open last weekend they opened on the 3rd and 4th for an AP event then on the 5th for the public, unless you attended the team member openings….. and if you did shame on you for your company trying to do what is asked of them so you can return to work

      4. Wearing a mask out doors in the sun and a breeze is stupid and as long as the parks are embracing the stupid I will not give them my money.

        Now to wear a mask in line or in a theater I can understand but walking around outside is utterly stupid…. !

          1. You realize he just said “I’m not going to go until they don’t have the mask restriction”.

            And your response to him saying he’s not going to go… is telling him don’t go? It’s literally what he just said.

            “I’m not going to go”
            “Don’t go then!”
            “That’s what I just said”
            “Then don’t go- you don’t have to, it’s a choice”
            “But I just said I wasn’t….”

            So stupid.

          2. I agree with him it IS STUPID TO WEAR A MASK OUTSIDE. . And employees should change gloves with every transaction if they are that concerned with transmission. WAY OVERBOARD. And yes my option is not to participate in the idiocy.

        1. My big concern is that it is only early June. The true heat of the summer had not hit yet. If you were uncomfortable at times in 91 degree weather, July and August will be unbearable in a mask.

      5. What I would like to know is how do they expect children to wear these masks for 12 hours? Kids at Disneyland etc. are not going to want to keep these on the WHOLE time. That is where I am not understanding.

        While I appreciate their efforts to open, I just feel that it takes away from the experience (no character pictures, no fireworks, no parade, no fantasmic) and if I am gonna go to thede parks, I want the FULL experience so I’d rather wait til its back to normal.

        I had a trip booked to Disneyland for the last week in September and I know its not happening 😔.

        How long do you all anticipate this being the requirements for theme parks?

      6. It’s kind of stupid and ignorant to say “boycott places that require you to wear masks”, don’t you think? There are still cases occurring, even now in May, despite the fact the state decided to open businesses back up.

      7. That’s an extremely childish and idiotic response to this opinion article.
        Everyone handles wearing a mask differently.

        You’re all pissed off because they’re following guidelines to keep you safe. If it bothers you so much do us all a favor and keep your sorry a** home.

        1. Their guidelines are not keeping people safe, they are however protecting what bottom line they have remaining from legal recourse.

        2. I really hope all you people that went an are thinking masks are the savior of you then I really really hope you all wore goggles too. It can be transmitted just as easily through the eyes. If you didn’t wear goggles then you possibly just murdered everyone in the park.

        3. What about last year you didn’t wear masks and tuberculosis is running around and bet you can’t make me stay home

      8. Encouraging people to boycott wearing masks is irresponsible. If you don’t want to wear a mask when visiting your favorite park then there is an easy solution – don’t visit the park until C-19 is more contained. Nobody cares that you’re a bold keyboard warrior that thinks this is some 2-cent conspiracy; facts are this is an epidemic, parks are only opening now because they can’t afford to lose another cool billion dollars, & the sensible thing remains to be to stay away until infection rates die down.

        1. A mask… Just so y’all know does not stop the spread. If you have it. And touch something. Someone else touches it. Especially a kid, Which is what these parks are geared for, touches their face. Or an older person. What if someone sneezes on a water ride or dining area. It’s in the air now. Masks don’t stop the spread. All of you going to a theme park. That’s the definition of of second wave. How about everyone stay home? No don’t like that idea. Okay. How about everyone have a chickenpox party. No.. Don’t like that idea either. Okay. Keep worrying about coc coronavirus… Ebola is back in the Congo… Worry about THAT and forget about wait times. Spend time with your families AT HOME lol or wait… Are you those people that HAVE to be doing something to be happy. Lmao. Go protest. Forget the mouse and Spider-Man. If your going to take the chance. Go for it. But make a difference and don’t spread because omg I have to fill to an overpriced theme park and ride the Hulk. Take your brave mask wearing selves to the nearest protest. Have a nice one.

          And no… I will not make my children walk in the heat.. With….a mask. That’s asking for cardiac arrest or heat stroke. Rewrite this in July and August… Betcha won’t be as comfortable. Until it’s just that I will keep my A$$ home.. Save my money… And participate in making a change.. Not these people money.

          1. Yes, a mask absolutely does HELP stop the spread. Along with handwashing and distance and outdoor airflow. If you touch something with the virus particles on it and you touch your eyes, nose or mouth, you can contract the virus that way (if the amount of particles is high enough and they are still viable). That is why frequent hand washing is helpful. But, if you breath in enough viral particles, there is no way for you to wash them out of your lungs. Masks help contain respiratory particles — both the larger/heavier droplets that fall onto surfaces, and the smaller/lighter aerosols that other people can inhale. Masks also help respiratory particles stay out of the wearers mouth and nose.

            Once you know the rationale, it’s easier to see how wearing masks is just about keeping yourself safe, and others safe. How could you have a problem with that?

          2. Sorry Amber! I Just re-read your post and see that I misunderstood your angle.

            I will not be going to a theme park until we have a vaccine, even though masks and hand washing are helpful, you are right that ones own safety is dependent on others being careful as well. I already know there will be plenty of people with their masks pulled down so their noses stick out. Ugh. I’m not that hard up for entertainment to put me or my family at risk! And as you eluded to — hellllooooooo second wave! Yikes! I don’t want any part of that.

          1. If you’ve done any research, Florida has reported AT LEAST 1000 new cases of the virus each of the last 5 days! That’s alot to me. So If we go somewhere, we all wear masks and wash hands and use hand sanitizer. Anything that can help is worth it! While we have already canceled our theme park vacation for this Summer, as we know how brutal the heat and humidity can be, we wouldn’t be stupid and disobey rules if we did go.

          1. Right, and do you hear them complaining about masks? Americans are so freaking petty they can’t even make an effort to do what’s right for the greater good.

          2. Most Asian countries are culturally “collectivist” societies. They value the wants and needs of the group and are raised to willingly sacrifice individual choice for the greater good. Their government’s laws reflect this way of living. Communist societies are also like this, but it is forcefully imposed upon the people rather than arising organically from the culture and being freely accepted. American (and Western) societies have never been collectivist. Our Constitution is based upon individual liberties that are God-given. The American people are rightly resisting the wearing of masks because they sense it is in opposition to everything they have been taught to believe. And if it is imposed upon them by the state, they see the logical conclusion that our nation may turn socialist, or communist. That is why it’s important to recognize the value of choice. It is not our responsibility to safeguard other people’s health (if it interferes with our constitutional rights), but rather to take care of our own health.

      9. You aren’t allowed to wear them on water rides so your reply is false. You are “forced” to wear them when walking around or sitting pool side. If you don’t like it, don’t go. It’s really that simple.

      10. I 100% agree with you. Wearing face masks OUTSIDE in the open air is absolutely ridiculous! I have been a nurse for almost 20 years and there is no doubt in my mind that covid-19 has been here for a long time ; and making ppl wear masks in this heat is going to throw some into heat exhaustion, heat strokes and/or heart attacks. So I hope they have well trained employees to handle medical emergency situations to keep em alive until getting em to a hospital 💁…AND I do not believe any of the statistics as we all know they have been skewed to benefit additional monetary funds…I won’t be going until this stupid mask requirement is OVER and things get back to a somewhat normalcy….. But that’s just my medical opinion 🙄

          1. haha! yes, please let me know what hospital aj works in so I can make sure I don’t get sick nearby. wow.

        1. The general public reads at a 4th grade reading level. We can’t blame them for lacking the critical thinking skills necessary to question the “facts” put forth by the media. When I see someone wearing a mask in public I just feel sorry for their stupidity.

      11. Honestly, then just stay home or do other stuff where you do not have to be around a bunch of people! How selfish do you have to be to think that going to the amusement park during this time is so important. I’m an essential worker and I have to work outdoors with a mask on in 109°F weather for over 10 hours sometime and hike or walk for long periods of time! I’m not complaining because I have to work and provide for my whole family that got laid off during this time. SMH people are so sad complaining about the dumbest things

        1. Thank you! Couldn’t agree more!

          I also wear one for 8 hrs a day 5 days a week in the heat. Quit whining, people…it’s not that difficult!

      12. Its irrelevant that the virus started in November. It’s still a very relevant danger. The numbers are still rising, especially in Florida. Your asking to boycott is just pure ignorance and stupidity. If you dont want to go, then dont. Its absurd that you’re trying to punish a business that is just trying to watch out for the health of its employees and customers. All so you can be less inconvenienced…

        1. Bob, before you call people ignorant and stupid, you might want to learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

          1. He used your and you’re correctly. The sentence is awkward because of the use of “asking”, much more likely to be a result of English as a second language. Replace “asking” with “request” or “demand” and you’ll see.

            Nothing worse than a misplaced grammar nazi.

      13. This is for all of you that feel entitled. If these businesses don’t follow these guidelines the government will shut them down. Also, if anybody gets sick they will sue the business. If you can’t follow rules stay home.

      14. My wife and I were planning on going to the park for HHN in October, but we’ll boycott until this ridiculous mask fad is over. Masks don’t stop microscopic viruses people. They just don’t. That little hobbit Fauci admitted in February in a news interview, that you all can look up online, that masks are useless in a pandemic. This is all just medical virtue signaling on the part of the parks. If people walk around a park in the heat, rebreathing their own carbon dioxide and getting restricted oxygen intake, there are going to be medical consequences and they sure won’t be related to any covid fauxdemic.

        1. Lol, simple face masks are used to prevent YOU from spreading YOUR respiratory droplets to everyone around you. If you want to protect yourself against the virus you need to wear an N95 or higher respirator. So in a sense. If everyone wore their mask properly (not hanging off their ear, under their chin, or only over their mouth) technically the risk of infection to the population surrounding them would be extremely low. Educate yourself

          1. 👍yes this above!

            My mask protects YOU. Your mask protects ME. If you refuse to wear one, then you don’t care about anyone else, but I will keep wearing mine because I do care about you and your family and I do not want anyone else suffering or dying because I was refusing to be in a little discomfort.

          2. My only problem is the amount of times these bloggers mentioned they had to touch their masks throughout the day. If you look up proper mask wearing you shouldn’t be touching it. Doesn’t this then negate the purpose of wearing a mask? 🤷‍♀️

      15. Wife and I went all day Saturday and most of day today – mask wasn’t at all an issue. We are both mid thirties and in good shape so we may be able to handle it better than most.

        Regarding lines? This was by far the best trip to UOR we have ever had(six year APs, yearly trips prior). Twice on Hagrids with virtual queue under thirty minutes to our cars. Hulk – 15 minute. FJ 15 with virtual queue. Universal for the afternoons when our express kicked in at four and ran through almost everything except Rip Ride(thank you tornado).

        UOR is doing a fantastic job and I agree one hundred percent with the author(I also don’t work for Universal or have any affiliations)

      16. Part of this plan is to keep people distanced. If a lot of people “boycott”, you they will be helping the situation. Thank you for your kind concern.

      17. You sound ridiculous. You realizes nurses have had to take care of covid-19 positive patients. For 12 hours a day. Nurses wear a much more restrictive, more difficult to breathe through mask, performing tasks all day caring for patients, with a mask on. The only time a nurse can take it off is if they leave the covid area to eat on their break, if they get one.
        Also, the business can make you wear a mask if they want to. Boycott them? Go ahead, they don’t NEED your business I can promise you that.
        And guess what, if you don’t want to follow the rules, don’t go

      18. Ana, did u actually go to a park? I was at Universal Orlando today and I was so impressed with how it was handled!! If you don’t want to follow the guidelines to keep us all stay safe then stay home!! You are probably one of those people who ruin it for the other people!!! Tami

      19. uhhh…. condoms possibly keep the REST of us from having a baby. just like a mask possibly keeps the rest of the people you’re breathing on from being sick, or as sick.

        horrible analogy

      20. That analogy works against your point. Many people havent gotten the virus yet and therefore still need to wear the mask to protect themselves. You wouldnt go to a baby shower then say, well shes pregnant so no point in using protection (condom) ourselves. Most people still need to wear a mask so they dont get the virus.

      21. I believe you could be just the type of person that will have this virus continue! Boycott people businesses that are being safe!? Mmm

      22. Wearing a condom at a baby shower??? Makes no sense and dont see your point. This is an easy fix…if you cant be comfortable wearing a mask at the park to protect yourselves and others..then please stay home!!! Its simple..
        Boycott nothing…this isn’t about you…its about an entire world safety….stay home and avoid the hassle….enough said.

        1. Actually, the parks were open on June 3 & 4 for resort guests and even earlier for CMs, AP holders, etc.

      23. You are welcome to stay home if your comfort level is more important to you than not spreading a deadly virus to those around you.

      24. Masks do not help they make it worse it has be been proven. And the governor himself said that this virus does not spread when outside which is why he himself encouraged everyone to go out. Restaurant seating is at full capacity if seated outside and nomasks. Bars are open and no one in my area is wearing masks at the bars. Go to the beach you will not see one person wearing a mask and beaches are crowded. Wearing masks does not protect you people will and do touch there face 100 times more with a mask on then when it’s off.

      25. If you fell uncomfortable following the rules and wearing PPE for your protection and protection for others stay home. Nobody is forcing you to go to the park. I don’t want to get sick because of you. Feel fortunate that the parks are allowed to open at all. If wearing a mask is too much for you stay home where you don’t have to wear one. Or suck it up and be hot and sweaty like everyone else.

      26. If you don’t like wearing the mask than don’t go to the park. It’s private property and they make the rules that benefit their company and people to keep them safe . You don’t like it you don’t have to go till masks are no longer needed.

      27. I wear a mask in just as hot of temperatures for my work for 12 and 16 hr shifts and I have asthma. If I can do it, so can you. Suck it up, buttercup, and keep others safe. It’s not all about you.

      28. I’d rather boycott places that don’t require, or at least encourage mask wearing during this time.

      29. Then stay home. I am frustrated with feeling trapped in my home because people won’t wear masks in public places like Walmart and Lowe’s even though the state requires it.

        1. Relearn what you should have in school. This is America. Not Nazi Germany, Learn how things become Law, and how long that takes.

      30. I don’t think they were lying, I think that they were really excited to be able to go and their excitement to be there over came what ever petty problem they had for following the rules Universal and the other theme parks have been asked to follow. Boycott is rough word, it’s not Universal’s choice to make you wear a mask it’s what they had to do to open the park, if wearing a mask bothers you don’t go. I know when Disneyland opens I will move heaven and earth wear a mask gloves foot coverings and stand on one foot singing it’s a small world if that’s what it takes to get in…

      31. Something tells me you’re the type boycotting masks even if you have to wear it for 10 minutes cause your ” freedums bein” tekkin way”. If you dont want to protect yourself, or OTHERS then stay home. The virus is still very much out there. Stop whining. This is life until theres a cure/ vaccine.

      32. If you are happy to risk covid that’s your choice. Parks are entitled to apply their own rules.

      33. With near 2 million people having it?? June is so much worse for cases than November. Do you watch the news??

      34. Spent the whole day there today and felt like 100 degrees. Did I enjoy it? No. However, I made the choice to go there. You can go and sit down inside quick service areas and take off the mask. You can buy a drink or snack and walk around without it. It’s the rules universal and Disney put in place to keep us safe. If you don’t like it, don’t go.

    2. This writer is only publishing this in Hope of convincing people to go. On an Instagram posting stating they were now open a majority of people, like myself stated they won’t return until the masks are gone. This writer has opened themselves up to lawsuits if anyonepasses out or worse.

      1. I went Tuesday and it was perfectly fine. Wore my mask all day. Whoever said they’re enforcing masks at Volcano Bay is a liar. They’re only required when ordering food or buying merchandise, other than that masks are not required while inside Volcano Bay. Stay away from cotton masks!!! There are plenty of masks made from water proof, breathable, expanding material. OneSoulMasks has the best masks for long, outdoor use. My friend wore a cotton mask Tuesday and she struggled the entire day with breathing. Meanwhile, I wore my polyester mask and had zero issues aside from my 3D glasses fogging up occasionally.

          1. And you received your doctorate degree from where?
            Oh, that’s right…didn’t think so.
            Educate your self scientifically not thru propaganda before you speak!

      2. I wrote this to give people an idea of what my personal experience was to go to the parks. I also mention that this is not forever. I don’t expect everyone to like the masks or even go to the parks during this time. Coming back to the parks now is a personal choice for comfort and safety.

      3. Very true. My daughter and I were there on Thursday in high Temps and pouring rain, wearing the gaiter style masks. Never had a bit of trouble breathing, even soaking wet. We were comfortable all day.

      4. That was really idiotic. A lawsuit for what??? Oh hell… We really are doomed aren’t we. How far is that Meteor??

      5. Melissa must be in 2nd grade. She has no clue. None.

        No one is entitled to attend Universal. Most in this country can’t even afford to go. But they’d love the chance to attend, even with a mask requirement for safety purposes.

        So, get off your high horse and quit complaining that a park requires some inconvenience in its attempt to provide a mix of entertainment along with safety measures.

        1. I think it’s amazing how some people will just look for an opportunity to grumble no matter what’s going on…first they complain about the quarantine, then they complain about the crumbling economy, then they complain that places are starting to open (to restart the crumbling economy), and now they complain that there are restrictions while slowly restarting the economy. If you don’t like the rules, don’t go to the theme park. If your young child won’t wear a mask, don’t take them to a theme park. If you think the theme park ticket is too expensive, don’t buy one… It’s really that simple. I’m just waiting for the parents of special needs/autistic children to complain that their kids either cannot or will not be able to cope with the current restrictions, so they should get special dispensations… Forget that, wait until the restrictions are no longer necessary and THEN come to the parks.

          Why some people behave as if going to a theme park is an inherent right rather than a privilege is beyond me. If you find the process for Disney and Universal to be cost prohibitive, find other places that are in your budget (and before you bitch at me, I have six children so I know about budgeting) and stop griping because your little Johnny whines for something you just can’t give him now.
          It’s a big case of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” and there’s just no making some folks happy…
          p.s. we’ll be at Universal the end of this month… happily wearing our masks all day!

          1. 👍yes this above!

            My mask protects YOU. Your mask protects ME. If you refuse to wear one, then you don’t care about anyone else, but I will keep wearing mine because I do care about you and your family and I do not want anyone else suffering or dying because I was refusing to be in a little discomfort.

        2. Exactly, the park is doing what it can to open, with the safety of the workers, an most of all the public of all ages! An tbh, most Americans can’t afford to go, but perhaps with the inconvenience of C-19, Tickets (for the short time of this pandemic) are at discount price. That even the family’s that only dreamt of going can make there family’s dreams come true!!

      6. This is the new reality until Covid-19 stops spreading or an effective vaccine is developed. Be thankful that the parks are open at all with the growing numbers of new cases popping up in Florida daily.

      7. No the writer does not open themselves up to lawsuits. What is wrong with you sue happy people. Bring on the public, ANYWHERE leaves you open to catch whatever is out there, not just COVID-19. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    3. I canceled my pass for Disney until they say no masks. It is at too hot and they were there with no wait times for rides. I live on Florida and it hasn’t even reached the extreme heat yet.

    4. Hubby and I went today. We are locals and passholders.

      We were pleased in how Universal is handling covid-19. The ride times were minimal and the employees wiped down the rides in between people. For the most part people were using common sense in mask wearing and social distancing. For this who weren’t, the staff gently reminded them to do so.

      However, as the day grew and it became more humid, we weren’t able to stay. The humidity, along with wearing the mask, was just too much for us. It did get to a point that it felt like we just couldn’t breathe.

      We are glad we went but don’t plan on returning until the weather is cooler. So, that means probably around the holidays.

    5. Amen to that!!!until this nonsense of social distance and being forced to wear masks id rather die first… Of wlhumans were meant to wear masks wed be born with them. In cancelling my passes to amusement at cedar fair parks of they firce the mask issue. I’ll jist go without coasters till this nonsense goes away!!!#

      1. Don’t wear a mask while we still don’t have an effective vaccine and you might get your wish.

    6. What type of fabric were your masks? I work in healthcare in NJ, home care, and have to wear a surgical mask. Now that the weather is getting waemer ot has been a lot more uncomfortable with my face getting very sweaty and dripping under the mask. I was wondering cotton cloth would be better?

    7. I was supposed to go in August with my 7 Year old son. Couldn’t image walking round in 30 degree heat with a face mask on, they’ve cancelled a lot of things as well so for what I’ve paid ( nearly £5000) probably wouldn’t be getting half of the experiences. Is nice for the locals to pop to their favourite parks day in and day out whenever they like but for us brits to fly all that way for not a lot is just not worth it. My sons also Autistic so he’s not gonna walk round the parks with a face mask on for 10 hours at a time, and that’s even if we could get into the parks due to having to reserve to go in. Virgin have said that my holiday is still going ahead but I can’t see how they can still make people go. I have been given the option to push it back to next year but don’t even want to go then now which is a real shame. Hoping to get what money I can get back from it if at all possible but if not we’ll
      Have 2 holidays next year to somewhere different.

      It makes no sense at all to have to wear a mask outside especially when social distancing on top of it all. The masks aren’t even proven to lessen the spread of coronavirus.
      Wearing masks supposedly prevents people for giving the viruse to others. If people are sick they need to stay home!
      This “wearing a mask thing” is SO bizarre!
      This is all about control and the more people that do it and think it is ok the longer it is going on!

      1. The mask is a sign of fear and compliance. Use common sense and strive to understand facts. So disappointed in the American public right now.

    9. Each person that speaks, sprays mico droplets. Each employee in Orlando park, has a duty to sanitize and decontaminate surfaces. Why are you selfish…and which end would you like to be on. I am a hairstylist and have to wear a mask 10 hours a day, with blow drying and shampooing which creates steam. Think about others instead of yourself. I presume you are the type that likes to have servants at your feet and never satisfied. Be responsible please that what helps the world…not your own dissatisfactions for every little thing that makes you personally uncomfortable. Thank you.

    10. I went there in 2017 and it was a warm sunny day. It was a little too warm for me. I can’t imagine wearing a mask and walking around like I did then. I personally won’t be going. Maybe next year.

    11. Sorry, but the masks are a nightmare and I find it hard to believe for anyone to say otherwise. We have season passes to Universal and go often, but this was the first time with masks (which I wholeheartedly support wearing in public places). However, we simply will not go back to Universal or any theme park if we have to wear a mask due to how uncomfortable and hot they are. In addition, if you wear glasses your mask fogs your lenses so I walked around half-blind most of the day. I understand why they’re requiring them and I understand we still don’t have covid-19 under control so I will choose to stay home instead of dealing with the heat and discomfort of the mask. If masks are still required when our passes expire we will not renew them either.

    12. I’m not a blogger and will say that while it was hot, we managed just fine with our masks. I was there on 6/5 and 6/6. I am 49 and my daughter is 27. It was around 90°F and we did just fine. We had 2 types of face covers and liked the neck cover the best. Ours were super thin and easy to breathe through. Plus the Parks weren’t as crowed so the only real wait we had was Forbidden Journey. It’s totally up to the individual if they feel like they can or can not wear the mask all day. I personally purchased my AP so I get 15 months of Universal Orlando thrills… mask or no mask!

    13. Agree. Sorry publisher YOU ARE OFF. Masks are dangerous and ineffective especially in Florida heat and humidity. They trap hours of bacteria and carbon dioxide that’s harmful to your lungs. VERY HARMFUL.
      I live here. I’m 52 and in great health and my chest is tight with a mask outside.
      Masks are giving a false sense of security and big lawyers force them to avoid lawsuits. Articles such as this put us all at risk. Time will show -sadly it will be too late just like the misuse of ventilators. I’ll wait thx

  2. Wearing a mask implies it’s not safe . Surrounded by others with masks and gloves tells me there is danger , otherwise you wouldn’t need such items. There is something wrong with the idea of such precautions and telling us that we are in a safe environment.

    1. this has been my thought all along. If I’m willing to take the risk of possible danger allow me to not wear a mask.

      1. The mask protects others from your germs, especially if you have the virus with no symptoms. Their masks protect you. Why is that so difficult to understand?

        1. Because people are selfish. We live in a world of too much “me, me, me” and no “you, them and us”. Just wear a damn mask and saves lives.

    2. I’m so happy to read that. I feel allot of people in US don’t take this seriously, and will ultimately pay. play agree with your statement on how so many precautions because it’s not safe to go out yet they just can’t wait like selfish children

  3. No , not heading to theme parks
    No, I will not wear a mask
    I will return when it’s NORMAL

    1. I would imagine this would be a nightmare with a couple of kids. I love all the theme parks, though Universal is my favourite. But will not be back while masks are required

    2. Rob Anderson, see my above comment. If you feel entitled like most Americans, stay home. These are the guidelines they have to follow. Also, if you go and get sick you will sue them.

  4. Wearing a mask puts the wearer at risk for germs that grow on moist surfaces.
    I go to amusement parks to enjoy myself. Wearing a mask is unnecessary and causes discomfort.
    No I will not be going to a place of fun with a germ rag over my face.

    1. Germs are growing in your shoes and closet. If you refuse to wear a mask please don’t even think about heading to a park. If you go, 12 hours of park is too much any way. The temperature was in the 80s the weekend UO opened and was raining, but on a hot day do less than 8 hours and take “mask free” breaks for staying hydrated.

    1. We had no issue with our masks on major thrill rides. On water rides we were not given a plastic bag. Instead we were told it was our choice to use the masks on water attractions.

  5. It’s not effective and pointless. Face mask just makes you more sick. I refuse to wear a mask on a ride especially a rollercoaster.

  6. SoCal resident here, so will be visiting in the dryer heat when Disneyland and DCA reopen. Currently I wear a mask at work in a manufacturing plant. The entire staff wears them in all areas for the entire day except when eating or drinking during breaks or lunch. As it warming up outside with the season it’s also warming up inside the plant and we will still wear the masks. I for one won’t have any issue wearing a mask when I can return to Disneyland. Minor issue to get to go back until this is over.

  7. You didn’t address one big factor about the masks you choose to wear. More important than comfort of the mask is effectiveness of protecting you from catching the virus.
    A simple single layer of cloth, as you wore is much less effective than a surgical mask or an N-95 mask.
    I think I’ll wait a while before visiting any theme park.

    1. That is something each person has to weigh, comfort versus protection. I wear one like Tharin wears in this article, but I put a filter in it. Some of them come with pockets for filters or you can just tape one in.

    2. Wearing a mask isn’t designed to prevent YOU from catching the virus, it’s to prevent you from infecting OTHERS. This is the biggest piece of misinformation that I’m reading everywhere.

      1. Except they are finding it actually doesnt protect others either. Think about this logically….If you wearing a mask does not protect germs from entering your mask….how is it protecting your germs from exiting????

        1. YOU wearing a mask stops the spray YOU produce when you talk, cough, sneeze. If those droplets are blocked and not fully expelled past YOUR mask, OTHERS will be far less likely to get sick from YOU! It’s not about microscopic germs getting past your mask, it’s about HOW MANY can get past and HOW FAR they can travel. Is that so hard to understand? Oh, but YOU aren’t sick…as far as you know. When was the last time you were tested?

          1. What ever happened to sneezing or coughing into your elbow? Is that now considered a faux pas? We shouldn’t be forced to wear masks “on suspicion” of being sick. Anyone afraid of getting sick from my mask-less self should stay home, not the other way around!

  8. This is ridiculous looking for a zone where one is “allowed” to take off a mask. If the virus is “really” that bad then we should not open the parks.

  9. I would rather go kayaking or hiking in places that I don’t have to wear a mask. The ticket prices are premium prices. Wearing a mask is not a premium experience.

  10. I find it very hard even to walk in the park in 80 or 90 degree weather and I don’t think that I can do it with a masked on -just ten min in the supermarket is enough for me ,before I go running back to my car and take it off

    1. 10 minutes, seriously?! Try wearing one 8 hours a day 5 days a week in the humidity like I do for work.
      It’s not a big deal, people! I wish every place made masks 100% mandatory!

  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,may not renew my annual pass if these draconian measures stay in place. protesters are not forced to wear masks . still waiting for notification in regards to pass extension

  12. I just purchased a vacation not realizing we would most likely still have to wear a mask in July…in Florida? Nope. Cancelling and might return when things are normal.

  13. We will be going to Silver Dollar City on opening day. We will be wearing masks and have no problem doing so. We are just so happy that the theme park is being able to open and trying to keep their employees and guests safe. Thanks for the suggestions.

  14. Unsafe to be in a mask for long periods of time& in the extreme summer heat. Not healthy for the body at all. This rule needs revision asap. I would believe the board for this dangerous issue in Orlando and theme parks will revise this rule for the safety of their customers. Also for highly potential legal purposes.

    1. EXACTLY! It’s just a matter of time before ppl start passing out from heat exaustion, then possibly progresssing to strokes/heart attacks! It’s amazing that some ppl really don’t have the common sense to know better than to believe that the first case of COVID-19 showed up earlier this year in CA and suddenly spread like it did?? NO, it has been here for a LONG TIME. But that’s just my opinion…

    2. If you go to their website to the FAQ section you will find a disclaimer that says by going to the park you are accepting the risk that you may get sick. This business isn’t going to revise its rule so you don’t have to stand in the heat with a mask on. Stop complaining. Firefighters have to put fires out for hours in mask and gear that weighs over 100lbs.
      You want to go play at the parks you get to follow the rules, you don’t want to follow the rules you don’t get to play at the parks. That simple. Reading these comments is like listening to ignorant people who feel like they are entitled. The world doesn’t owe you anything. No one owes you anything. You deserve nothing and are not special.

  15. I have annual passes for myself and family and we went Friday for opening day and we weren’t there for even 2 hours. It was too hot and they weren’t consistent with the rules. If you were walking around carrying a Starbucks cup, you could have your mask off. They went up to my fiance twice while we made our way to the exit and were telling eachother over the walkie talkie that he was breaking the rules and he had a water in his hand. It was ridiculous! We will not be back til the masks come off!

    1. I disagree with their stupid rules…but if you want to drink water you are supposed to do so while seated…according to their rules. Walking and drinking water is not allowed.

  16. Was, going to take 2 year old grandson in October. But if mask order is still in effect its not happily. Bad enough for adult to wear for hours and hours, but not going to force 2 year old. Not worth spending my hard earned money to be miserable. I’ll pass till I can enjoy my trip.

    1. With your grandson being 2, they are understanding that a toddler will not wear it. I didnt have an issue with my 2 year old Thursday. Disney on the other hand …would not allow him to enter until he had it on which took over 30 mins (he is a thumb sucker and he’s 2 he does not understand it). He washes his hands no problem but the masks make him feel like he cannot breathe.

      1. Children under 2 should not be wearing a mask. They can suffocate!!! Please check the CDC or WHO for complete info before putting a mask on ur toddler

  17. I respect the mask rules. They will help us to finally each the light at the end of the tunnel for covid. I’m not boycotting anything, but would rather wait to enjoy the park when all this isn’t going on. This is a better time for some other vacation destinations like camping or remote beaches etc. Save the Disney trip or universal trip for a different year

  18. Definitely no. Is not just the mask issue, but all the exposed surfaces that are almost impossible to disinfect continually.

  19. Something is wrong when people are worried about having fun at an amusement park during a PANDEMIC where hundreds of thousands are dying. Not worth the risk. Staying home till there is a vaccine or things go back to normal

    1. Finally, someone that makes some damn sence around here. People want to risk their lives and that of thier children to have a little fun should be doing everything asked of them to keep them safe.. Having said that, theres disclaimer already posted that nothing they do can garantee you wont catch covid 19 and you are on property at your own risk. These idiots who refuse to wear mask, and go about there lives like everything is fine, are delusional and spreading the virus wether they know it or not. You shouldnt have the attitude of “im not going until they get rid of the mask” instead you should be thinking “im not going until theres a vaccine, because its not worth the risk to myself and my family.” Themeparks are a business, they will do whats required by law to make things appear safe, so they can make money. At the end of the day its your own responsibility to keep yourself and your family safe by doing the right thing and not taking unnecessary risks. With all of the current protests and large gatherings we will once again be at the epicenter of a bigger outbreak and have to shut everything down even longer this time with alot more deaths on our hands because people are too stuburn, dont want to listen and do whatever they want. But go ahead and boycott, that means less people in a public space.. smh.

    1. If you would like, leave a comment here afterwards on your thoughts about visiting today. We would love to hear multiple people’s perspectives.

  20. Nope. I’ll wait to go until masks are no longer required. I like the theme parks but I don’t like anything that much. Luckily there’s lots of activities to do without a mask, so we’ll be spending our time at those

  21. We’re sure going to try. Pleased to hear that you were not feeling ‘overheated’ as I don’t tolerate heat well. I think will bring our own reusable straws instead of sipping from a wide mouth reusable bottle like my usual.

    1. Am a regular UK visitor to the Orlando attractions . Would not consider visiting any attraction in the USA ( or UK) whilst wearing of face masks / coverings are a mandatory requirement for outdoor locations .
      Masks are not designed or intended for lengthy periods in temperatures of 80 degrees + or for guests with breathing difficulties & / or allergies .

  22. The reality is Florida has reopened
    As has the rest of the United States of America. We need to be smart and safe in our reopening. Universal is a private company so you can or cannot go if you decide. Universal is following the guidelines of being smart and safe. Wearing those masks at Universal to protect you and others when social distancing is not possible.
    We need to stop debating our comfort level here, Covid 19 should be our concern …..Covid 19 is here…we need to live with it the smart way.

    1. I think Universal and Disney should encourage social distancing and make masks optional for guests and mandatory for workers.

  23. I thank you very much for this article. I was wondering how easy or difficult it would be wearing a mask all day in the heat. As for me, I choose to wear a mask. I don’t think it is a lifesaver or cure but a courtesy to my fellow humans. For us residents, the good news seems to be that parks wont be as crowded, but I will also be staying away from parks and such because of those other humans that make mask wearing into an argument, then a fight, then a civil rights issue..that level of b.s. is not something I care to be a part of right now.

    1. I will never wear a mask for this hoax & I refuse to pay for a pass when I’m not even guaranteed to get in. Spending my money elsewhere until these ridiculous rules are gone

      1. Hoax? What hoax? Would you like to come to NYC and follow me around in a covid unit, wearing a respirator for 12 hours that you may have to reuse for 5 days? Would you like to help clean, turn, care for, and keep these patients alive as they fight for their lives? Do you want to hold their hand as you and the team realizes that all the work you have poured into them over the last 15+ days is for naught and they will not survive. Will you hold the ipad up to them for 45 minutes so they can hear their loved ones voice for the last time. Please. Ignorants. There is no hoax. I am a nurse. I can assure you

  24. Wearing a mask in 100 degree weather? This places are supposed to be fun and relaxing!!
    Everybody wearing masks is an idiotic idea! Whats next plastic bubbles?
    Eat well, exercise, be healthy and the virus won’t give you any problems. The world was far more dangerous 50 years ago and no one was wearing masks. Please be serious.
    Not visiting any place masks are required!

  25. My wife and I have annual passes to Disney and Universal. We will not be renewing until we can enjoy the parks without masks. This is our issue not the theme parks. I have total respect for the parks wanting to keep their guests safe. Their rules and if I can’t comply, then I need to stay away. I have difficultly wearing a mask for 30 minutes in the grocery store. I applaud what the parks are doing.

    1. Can I just ask when is the best time time to visit UO in a normal year? I have never been and would like to go in warmish weather and less crowds . I know thag sounds so stupid lol. Like when are schools generally out over there?

      I was reading that second to last week in May was best. What are your thoughts?

  26. I agree with moat of the comments..they have not lowered their prices and although I am a huge fan of universal and have been several tandes and can’t wait to go back, I will not be returning until masks are not required. I cant see spending all that money with all these restrictions not to mention waiting forever in lines because they are putting a couple people at a time on these rides. Coming from another state I also have to pay for hotel and air fare. I’ll just wait..i did book a trip for July 2021 hopefully things will be back to normal then . I dont disagree with Universal and respect their decision just not for me right now.

  27. She isn’t lying, she is telling people of her experience. We were there on both preview days from open until close and wore our masks the whole time, with the exception of eating or drinking. We also had no issues on rides, walking long distances, etc. Was it a bit hotter? Of course, but it was expected.
    Different people have different tolerances for discomfort, so the only way to know if you could deal with it is to try it. If it’s not for you, then don’t do it. Try it before you spend lots of money on a trip you won’t enjoy. We are both in our late 50s, very active and ride all of the rides. We are looking forward to our next theme park outing, regardless of masks. Personally, it made me feel better that everyone was required to wear them.

  28. No mask…this is real
    When your body doesn’t have enough oxygen, you could get hypoxemia or hypoxia. These are dangerous conditions. Without oxygen, your brain, liver, and other organs can be damaged just minutes after symptoms start.

    Hypoxemia (low oxygen in your blood) can cause hypoxia (low oxygen in your tissues) when your blood doesn’t carry enough oxygen to your tissues to meet your body’s needs. The word hypoxia is sometimes used to describe both problems.

    1. Nice use of big scary sounding words. As an ex military pilot, Im well aware of oxygen deprivation issues. 2 or 3 layers of cloth are not going to significantly change blood oxygen levels.

  29. My family of four all went the other day from 10 until 4:30. We all wore our masks and had no issues. I brought several extras, including paper and fabric.
    The quick service dining was an absolute pleasure and just as described. We were seated, ordered our food and drinks on the Universal app and got to rest and relax.
    The Universal employees were amazing! There is hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE and I had everyone in our party bring small bottles as well. The other guests were all very respectful at distancing.
    It was a GREAT day and we were SO happy to be back!

    1. We agree that the Universal employees did an amazing job. This is a weird way to come back to work, but they seemed eager to help out.

  30. We will not be going until masks are not required, if that never happens then I guess we will be finding other vacation destinations.

  31. Universal is a great company. They treat their employees with a great deal of respect and understanding. However, until this crisis is over, i plead with them to stay closed. There are employees currently working there that did not distance before they reopened, and at least 2 are currently quarrentined as a precaution, as they arrived to work with a temperature above the threshold. I would not risk my or my family’s life for a few days of fun. Please petition them to close up!

  32. Thank you for your report. Well written. Complete and factual.
    As for the comments… if you’re willing to follow the rules, great. Go and have a good time.
    If you don’t like the rules, don’t go. No problem there either.
    It’s your choice. It’s also your choice to be kind instead of rude and argumentative.

  33. Visited both parks on opening days using universal express. I did not have an issue with wearing mask . Security temp checks are a joke, 86° f body temp?? I do see a problem with long waits as the rides are operating at a fraction of capacity.

    1. So i know its ridiculous when you see the number. They aren’t using thermometers. They are using heat detectors. Its just to see if you are emanating more heat than you should be. Its not a real temperature, just to see if you are hot.

  34. There are many paid writers. I would not want to visit the universal resorts. You must wearing a dirty recycled mask outdoor all day, but everyone can take it off in the indoor restaurants as long as you want in their property. Disney Springs is even more crazy starting today. They told us that they wanted all guests to wear so called “airtight masks”. Are they getting more crazy now? For the consistency, all guests are required wearing masks indoor restaurants as well. This is so called “indoor and outdoor Airtight masks ” new health rule? More people will likely get sick after visiting the resorts and parks after so called “airtight mask” indoor and outdoor health rule..

  35. Thank you for the advice. I will be wearing my mask and I’m never rude or obnoxious to staff or fellow people. I agree that if you don’t want to follow the rules, don’t go. If your whole idea is to be rude, everyone is better off without you going.

  36. When Disney World opens in a few days I have no plans to wear a mask. I have asthma and it is very difficult for me to breathe in a mask. There is no way I could handle 90+ temps and wear a mask all day. There are people who have breathing problems, trauma experiences and who are elderly. You are breathing back in CO2 which is not healthy for that period of time. I for one will not be visiting Disney if a mask is required.

  37. Where do you store your masks when you’re not wearing them? Like when you go on the water rides or eat? You aren’t supposed to touch masks… They are a germ collection. Seems counterproductive to me. Let people enjoy the park outside at a distance.

  38. I will bring the family once they drop the mask requirement. My guess is most people who aren’t scared of a virus that according to CDC kills 0.05% of people under age 50 who get it and get symptoms won’t be any more or less scared of it if other guests and employees choose not to wear masks.

  39. I’m going to cedar point in about a month in really hoping we do not have to wear masks all day but if I have to I will do yes I’m willing to go and wear a mask all day cause I love roller coasters!!

  40. Good evening, A question for the Article Author the Neck Gaitor Mask or the Mask you wore, Where did you get it from?, What is the material? The reason why I am asking is you said you could breathe while wearing it for long periods of time.
    I have breathing trouble wearing the blue medical mask, I work in Retail and Will be returning to an Amusement Park soon to work were currently some type of mask is required. Thanks, for your help. Great article by the way.

  41. Masks are vital. Hong Kong 4 deaths, the United States 100,000+ and increasing. They get it we can’t seem to. Can’t wear a mask don’t go, simple.

  42. Did you experience any dizziness after riding any ride (like HULK) ?
    Me and my son rode it 2 days ago but this time we were dizzy… wondering if it might be because of the masks?

  43. Yeah No…Im in no hurry to have to wear masks in the Florida heat.Wearing a mask is helpful but not wearing gloves makes them useless

  44. Who cares about your opinions! We all know what opinions are !!!! Like assh***!!! Everyone has got them. Wont spend my money anyplace that requires that especially if its outside and the parks aren’t allowing full capacity. It should be more then enough room to not have to were them. I’ve been on this stupid lockdown long enough I can wait to go to places like that I’ll save my money for when they lock us down again lol

  45. ICU nurse hete..been wearing double masks.plus hair coverings for 14 hours a day..SOMETIMES added plastic gown..sticky sweaty miserable , in A/C..but working our tails off..ITS AWFUL.feel our pain.lol
    Why do they require them.outside while moving? I u understand lines…😷🏥🥵

  46. It’s everyone’s choice. If you want to go to the park you wear a mask. If you don’t want to wear a mask you don’t have to go to the park.

  47. I know that masks are hot and annoying and at times yes it feels like you are suffocating. I am a hospital worker who does 13+ hours a day in an ER where we wear masks our entire shifts. When we are dealing with a COVID patient or even a possible COVID patient we have to wear head to toe PPE for hours. If you don’t want to wear a mask.. don’t go.. wait for the vaccine or herd immunity and go then, or accept the inconvenience. That’s the beauty of choice. However, if you have the opinion that this is “no big deal” and don’t want to use precautions anywhere ever because this is “blown out of proportion”… here’s hoping the medical team taking care of you when you are in respiratory failure doesn’t feel the same way. Thousands of people are dying from this. Be grateful it’s not you or your loved ones instead of being angry you have to wear a mask at a theme park.

  48. I would never go any theme parks until the wearing the masks thing is lifted. Breathing your own air could make you very sick.

  49. Wearing a mask outside is lunacy….much like the crazies I see driving in their cars, alone with their masks on.

  50. Wear a mask, it isn’t a big deal, I wear one for work 8 hrs a day. Stop being so dramatic about a minor inconvenience. I have seen 0 reported deaths via mask.

  51. We’re going to Disney/Universal end of August/early September. We’ll cheerfully wear masks. We’ve been wearing them all day at work anyway, so wearing them to have fun is not a giant hairy deal. They are not magic, but they do seem to be reasonably effective.

  52. So I will not accuse the author of lying, I’ll just chalk it up to being young.
    Sorry, no way in hell do I believe that 10 hours in 90 degree heat with a mask on is “comfortable”. Yesterday I spent the day at the Jersey shore, temperature was only 80 ° but full sun and it was miserable walking with a mask AND the shore has very low humidity.
    This article simply reads as an paid spokesman for Universal

    1. While I agree that being younger may have made it easier in some aspects, I can assure you we did have troubles as well. The article mentions problems with breathing in the rain, more sweat than usual in the afternoon and the strides we took to find spots (like dining locations) where we could take the mask off. Our publisher, who is in his fifties, also went for a few hours and said he did not have issues.

  53. May I ask what is your position at Universal?
    I never saw such a detailed report on a casual visit.

    1. I do not work for Universal. But, I did know I would be writing an article on the masks when I went to the park. So throughout the day I was taking notes and photos to help me remember what to write later.

  54. Total propaganda bullsh**. You cannot convince me she did not get paid to write that load of sh**.

    1. Hey, Tia, the female in question is my friend. I am the guy, as I mentioned in the second paragraph. I wasn’t paid, and you can read where it says we were uncomfortable at times. The situation isn’t ideal as compared to not wearing one, but as mentioned it wasn’t horrid. We were ok working with the mask in exchange for going to enjoy the parks.

  55. The CDC says that the N95 mask is the only mask that effectively prevents C19. They then say the public should wear masks, but not the N95 because they need to be reserved for medical personnel. Then they say other types of masks should be used, however those masks don’t protect Me from C19, but they protect other people…WHAT?
    The public should have access to the N95 masks if we are to effectively prevent the spread of C19. If the virus spreads so easily and someone uncovered coughs spreading the virus….the virus gets on my clothing, shoes, glasses, etc….I have brought the virus home, it’s in my car, on my clothes, my hair, etc. So, we all need to add outdoor showers and scrub using surgical soap prior to entering our homes.

    As far as wearing masks at the parks, people from the northern areas are going to feel the Florida heat differently than, say, a Florida resident.
    Children are affected differently by the heat as well…and the masks don’t fit them properly.
    As a passholder (which I planned to cancel even before C19) I have witnessed a huge change in park-goers. I have seen people yelling/cursing at their spouses and children….Tshirts that say “most expensive day ever”……people that are already stressed with the amount they have spent. They are already hot and hot tempered prior to C19, and now we are going to have them wear masks all day, while doing little to prevent the spread of C19.
    The parks make money by selling themed masks which the CDC says don’t prevent the spread…….so, let’s add another product code……CATCH-22.

  56. I have asthma. Are there exceptions for those of us with medical conditions that preclude wearing a mask? I haven’t worn one in weeks, after becoming light headed during a grocery run several weeks ago.

    1. Universal states that guests with breathing issues can go to their guest services center for case-by-case situations. That being said, from what we have heard, no one can be in the park without some form of face covering.

  57. I cannot get over the amount of selfish, childish, entitled people who are commenting on this article!

    Just, WOW.

    First, this is an Amusement Park themed blog. They are not ‘loyal’ to any one park, they can cover a variety of attractions around the country. They are here to report on the issues and by doing so, likely get comped admission. THIS HAPPENS WITH ALL KINDS OF BLOGS – food, travel, books, product reviews. So seriously, stop acting like they were ‘paid’ to give a good review; they review based on their experience, good or bad or in between. This is normal and how blogs work!

    Second, I wear a mask so my droplets don’t spew in your direction. It isn’t so I don’t catch it! I have to wonder where some of you get your info…

    And third. I’m 50 and wear a mask for 8 hrs a day 5 days a week in the humidity (Atlanta). IT ISN’T A BIG DEAL. I just cannot grasp what everyone is whining about. Not only am I required by my job, but I would gladly do it voluntarily because I would hate to spew my droplets onto you when I am assisting you at my job.

    I do not care for Universal so not heading to Orlando yet, I am 100% Disney and will gladly be returning in August WITH my mask HAPPILY ON.

    Thank you to the writers for your fair report. Thank you to the nurses who commented for all you do. Thank you to the theme park workers who have to put up with these ***hole guests. Thank you to those who actually understand the how’s and why’s and wear your masks properly.

  58. I’m 33 years old, not a blogger, and have no affiliation with any theme park. I was at IOA for 8 hours yesterday and had NO PROBLEM WITH THE MASK. Some of you need to chill with the propaganda crap and realize everyone is different. Just because you might be walking around like OMGZ I CANTZ BREATHE WITHZ THIZ MASK ONZ doesn’t mean everyone else is.

  59. All these cowardly, fascist Democrats are constantly bombarding everyone that humans have 12 years left because of man-made climate change. A naturally occurring virus comes along to decrease the number of humans and they’re so terrified they try to force everyone to wear a mask to protect THEM. Social distance! Well, unless it’s a racial myth concerning police brutality, which affects all races proportional to the statistics. In that case, groups over 10 are fine. “You have to wear a mask because Universal says so. Stay home if you don’t like it.” If these people convince them to drop the mask requirement, you’ll be the one crying. 10 years ago, you were whining that wet cloth over the face of terrorists was barbaric torture. Now, it’s “no big deal.” Such hypocrites. Real fascism. Their way or the highway. Are you all moving to Canada again in November?

  60. My solution to wearing a mask all days is to simply NOT GO where people are forcing me into one. Sorry no sale.

  61. Thanks for the article. Will definitely avoid the neck gaiter type of mask. I find the surgical masks are the most helpful and breathable (and also dry quickly!)
    Sad to see how political people have gotten in the comments. And as for the complainers- sorry you can’t adapt to changes in your comfortable life, but light is for living, after all! More room for me, I guess!

  62. ” Guests are encouraged to take a sip or bite, then return their masks until the next sip or bite of food.”
    Hahahahahaha so i take it any virus will obey this rule too? Wearing a mask outdoors is unsafe. Besides WHO stated healthy people dont need masks..plus why pay money to wear a mask?

  63. I live in Kissimmee (very close to Disney) and also have medical problems that requires me to frequently wear masks. This is my input. 1) some counties required you to wear masks at one point or you were fined, 2) every business had to submit a plan to the county on how to comply with cdc guidelines in order to open, 3) the guidelines were based upon the cdc and not a political party, 4) masks are hotter when compared to not wearing masks, 5) Florida is hot right now (even for Floridians), 6) I am required to wear N 95 mask for medical reasons and it is very uncomfortable in the heat, 7) my father wears a cloth mask and has less problems but still gets hot and sweaty, 8) masks around the ears can be very uncomfortable as time goes on, 9) wet masks are hard to breathe with so you should always have a backup, 10) if you have any breathing problems or low tolerance to heat I don’t recommend going, 11) you will require breaks from the mask so breaking up the day is a good idea, 12) if you don’t like wearing masks in general don’t go, 13) be kind to the people that work there because they are just as uncomfortable as you are and they don’t get the amount of opportunities to remove their mask, 14) cast members need to do their job in order to keep it which includes enforcing the park guidelines, 15) based upon health department records multiple days this week, Florida has seen an increase of over 1,000 new coronavirus cases daily, and 16) the state does not release private lab testing in its overall total nor do they provide the number of people who are hospitalized and test positive for COVID so the numbers can be inaccurate, and 17) being ugly to each other or not fully understanding the situation in Florida right now only makes things ugly. Only you can know your body or personality to determine if going is worth it. Everybody’s experience is different

  64. We are not a collectivist culture. We are an individualistic culture. We don’t trust others and we don’t like being told what to do by others either. If they just made more N-95 masks then we could be making a choice for ourselves– we could control the air we breathe in when at outings better. Some of them have vents that help with the breathing and reduce glasses fogging (I have a disease in which severe allergic asthma is one component, so I was acquainted with N95 masks and the heat and difficulty wearing them long time in Florida, and the stigma of wearing one, before all of this). The thing is, we like freedom and choice and the ability to protect ourselves with an N95 worn on a voluntary basis does that. But we need more. So instead of worrying about shoving people back into work at businesses that aren’t really conducive to a pandemic crises, and instead of giving people a false sense of security abd setting them up for failure, instead of wasting time on practices that surely are not working– just say, “hey, we arent ready to open theme parks yet (or comfortable going to them) but we can give your employees jobs making N95 masks, delivering goods, repackaging bilk products from restaurants to smaller grocery sizes, setting up and doing virtual events for amusement, etc. We need workers for certain things that will help us during this crises and we don’t have them because they are working at old jobs that aren’t good for us right now.

  65. The theme parks are hemorrhaging money. Ddp they’re giving huge incentives to bloggers to do these articles. Only a completely brain dead idiot devoid of any and all intelligence would 8 months on goo wear a mask in Florida heat. Especially since it’s been admitted time and time again that every death is being counted as covid, even without a test. This is the first step to totalitarian control in America. Get them scared and take control of their minds and actions through fear. Them riots and insurrection are step by. What fo you think is coming? Minneapolis, Los Angeles and others defunding and disbanding police. Next they’ll call for UN peace keepers to rescue the cities. From there the deep state will enact their full coup

  66. I hate masks and it’s too hot to wear them. I won’t go to any parks until you don’t need to wear them. However long it takes I can’t be bothered.

  67. My adult daughter and I went today. We were there for about 5 hours. Wearing a mask honestly was not that bad. We did purchase a Universal one because it was a bit thinner. I notice we actually did many of the things the writer suggested. We stayed hydrated and we rested a few times. Wearing the mask wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. (& I have asthma and chronic bronchitis.) I’m not a blogger and I don’t get paid to visit the parks. Everybody handles things differently. If you don’t think you’ll be comfortable please don’t bash those who are.

  68. 1st – thank you for taking the time to share & publish your experience at Universal Orlando wearing a mask as a Park Guest. There are great suggestions offered up which can help one enjoy their time (vs running into situations that are unpleasant). Knowing what Universal expects from Park Guests (and the fact they offer a safe place to remove them in order to eat & drink) is appreciated.

    As someone who lives in Las Vegas, I’m choosing to limit my time outside in a mask (and indoors in a mask), so kudos to anyone that can manage it for 12 hours (I manage with a mask + gloves for 8 hours at work – I don’t feel I could do that for over 8 hours anywhere).

    Perhaps others can do a Theme Park, or a Casino, or Shopping Center (mask, hand sanitizer, etc) for a lengthy time – but I’m choosing not to, because there’s no vaccine and I’d rather come home safely to my Wife & Cats (we both have extended family who did end up in ICU due to Covid-19, so yes it is real and it can kill those who are infirm). We can wait until this is all over, but we are not disrespecting the decisions made by Theme Parks, Shopping Centers, Casinos, etc (we can make mature and personal decisions like some have, too).

  69. Don’t all of you just love the way you’ve found yet another mechanism for dividing this country? Like we don’t already have enough ways to do that. Wear a mask and go to the parks. Or don’t and don’t. The parks are open and masks are required. Fairly simple really. Better yet is that no one is forcing you to do anything.

  70. We have a Disney trip scheduled for mid August and my husband & daughter do not want to go if we have to wear masks. Science has proven that heat, humidity and sunshine kill the virus so I don’t know why masks are required in Florida. And they now say asymptomatic people cannot spread the virus. I get giving guests some security in knowing they are safe, but I think it should be a personal option and not required. Suddenly social distancing & masks aren’t an issue if you protest or go to George Floyd’s vigils or funeral. Yet stand in line for an attraction?? No way can we do that.

  71. Will not go if masks are required weary of the political BS and Universal knows it’s BS. Had planned a trip w our 4 adult kids- first class all the way. But unless they remove the mask requirements- NO WAY. WILL GO ELSEWHERE.

  72. Wearing a mask during vacation isnt a vacation. I’ll cancel my Oct trip if it’s still mandatory

    1. Good, that’s the prudent public health move anyway.

      Y’all mask haters are playing yourselves.

  73. I urge everyone tomorrow to call Annual Pass Guest Services to demand that they place our Annual Passes on temporary suspension because it’s clear that Universal is either unwilling or unable to enforce the mask wearing requirement.

    Anyone can watch a recent YouTube video, or look at a still photo, and see Universal employees refuse to enforce the rules that are in place to keep us all safe. Those employees stand and watch as guests walk by with masks either completely off a face or partially. I say fire those employees!

    Note to Universal: It’s shameful for you to author a FAQ requiring all guests to wear mouth & nose masks and then refuse — openly and with full regard of the consequences — to enforce that policy which will directly lead to the death(s) and/or serious illnesses inured to guests and by extension those who come into contact with them either in park or at other local venues or when they get back to their home communities. By your complete disregard of guest health you also risk further pressure on the health care systems nationwide who will have to manage the damage you’ve willingly permitted.

    Hope your carriers are willing to cover you 100% for the suits headed your way.

  74. My GOD the comments here! In all reality NO ONE KNOW WTF they are doing during any of this! Not medical not government NO ONE! But there is no way a mask is the answer! I’m prone to migraines a s my allergies would be aweful so it’s a NO forme! Also I don’t live in Florida YET next yr. If I lived there I gor gor few hours. But I REFUSE to spend thousands on a trip that is forcing me to blanket my face; no parades fireworks shows or characters. I have trip for September 26 HOPING BY THEN companies come to their senses. People are and will pass out with the masks and the lawyers will be very happy to tske the cases. At the end of it all a mask is mot realistic outside on 105 heat index!! More hand washing stations hand sanitizer BRING YOUR OWN TOO I MEVER VISIT Orlando parks without 3 bottles in my purse and antibacterial wipes; and lets get on with life! Also YES they are labeling everything Covid-19 even if you TRULY died of something else; mostly ELDERLY as we already know it hit them hard. But ONE woman in an retirement home my friend works for 1 lady rest positive NO ONE else she had alzheimers copd and cancer everyday BEFORE c-19 They thought she would pass; when she did family DEMANDED covid off her death certificate. No one else in the home got it; interesting. I’m an essential worker so my daughter massively exposed most all of us nothing. It over hyped. If ya don’t feel safe don’t go anywhere. I go out often no mask just hand sanitizer & wipes. But I’m not paying Disney or Universal good money for all this with possible NO MNSSHP or HHN. I HOPE IT ALL DONE SOON…..BRING ON THE UNEDUCATED COMMENTS have a magical day!

  75. Also Sorry Attractions I love your video and magazine; BUT FOR it is beneficial for the parks to be open MASK OR NOT COVID OR NOT. I’ve seen plenty of testimony from ppl who don’t profit from this talk of how DREADFULLY AWEFUL THE MASKS ARE. Many get headaches felling lightheaded and so on. Most chosing to leave. And the unrealistic after you take a drink or bite put mask down COME ON THATS INSANITY! WHEN I’M IN ORLANDO in summer I’m never without a bottle of water YOU WOULD DIE 😳😳
    Be honest you do profit as a blogger and vlogger to promote IT NOT SO BAD….

    1. We profit from the ads on our website, among other things such as subscriptions to our magazine. I’m this article, our reporter Tharin is giving you his thoughts on wearing a mask all day in the park, per Universal Orlando’s rule. He also gives you some tips for visiting the parks while they have this rule. We think all guests should follow all the rules the theme parks set. We wouldn’t write an article like this for Legoland Florida because masks are optional there.

  76. There’s no need to get into who’s telling the truth or lying about their claims. Totally unnecessary. Instead of such “subjectivity,” here are the facts.

    Even the World Health Organization, as well as countless private physicians, are warning of the health dangers of wearing a face covering in hot temperatures. Your carbon dioxide (CO2) intake immediately increases (which might be why surgeons frequently change out their masks during an operation). Also, with high humidity means more moisture is retained in the lungs along with increased CO2, which typically leads to increased condensation in the lungs. What’s that, you ask? Mucus build up, which enough of that leads to developing a chest cold and can lead to worse things like pneumonia.

    Add to that the fact that you’ll probably often be going in and out of heat (outside) and air conditioning (when going inside). That increases your chances, all aided by that mask you’re wearing. NO doctor will disagree with what I’m saying – and if they do, then good advice would be to seek a new doctor.

    Proceed at your own risk. But, I’ve already had a good friend tell me, who I am ashamed to say is one of those ambulance chasing person injury lawyers, he can’t wait to start suing the the theme parks as part of class action suits for forcing people to wear the masks and they get sick from it. Can you see the commercial already – “Have you are someone you know gotten sick at a theme park after their forcing you to wear a face mask caused health problems? You could be eligible for an award through a law suit. Call the law offices of Ura, Moron & D’Zervit to see if you’re eligible.”

    Disney and Universal had better rethink this. And all the signed waivers in the world do not hold up in court. I’ve personally learned that the hard way.

  77. Tharin and Matt – Sorry you have to deal with all of these comments. It is a big soap opera. Tharin wrote the article from his point of view. If you don’t want to wear the masks, don’t go. It is that simple. We are not going until after it is back to normal but it is not worth this argument over an objective article. He has no reason to lie, different people are bothered at different masks. You know how it affects you and make your decision based on that. Thanks for the article and thanks for the magazine. It helps us that live distantly stay in the magic.