Suggestions and help wanted

Welcome and thanks for checking out our Web site and Blog. Ricky and I have been working on this idea for a magazine for a few months now and it’s great to finally be able to share our idea with you.

Orlando Attractions Magazine will feature in-depth articles covering all of Orlando’s tourist areas with a main focus on the theme parks. There’s no magazines out there quite like this one and we hope to fill the void. We’ll use this blog to keep you up to date on what’s going on with the magazine and happenings in the area in between issues. As you know, things are constantly changing. (One day it’s Disney-MGM Studios, the next it’s Hollywood Studios.)

We’re open to any and all suggestions. Please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in the magazine or on the Web site. We also can’t do this alone. We’re always looking for help. Let us know if you have any skills you’d like to put to use (or if you just want to see if you have some skills you didn’t know you had).


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  1. Congratulations, Matt!!!! The web site is beautiful and the concept sounds very exciting!!!! I wish you all the best success!!!!

  2. Congrats Matt and Ricky. Ever since the Disney Magazine has stopped printing, I have been waiting for a good magazine to replace those lost times reading it. A few quick suggestions that I have.

    1) I hope there will be some kind of food review. Maybe pick one restaurant an issue and do a review, and don’t forget about those special places outside WDW.
    2) A kids section would be great. My son and daughter love when we read the WDW travel books for kids, like the one from Birnbaum and I know they would love something in this magazine geared towards kids.

    I really hope this takes off like I know it can.

  3. Thanks,
    Yes, we do plan on having a restaurant review. We will cover restaurants inside all of the parks and some outside of them.

    We are planning a puzzle page that will be fun for adults and kids. We may expand on that, especially now that Disney Adventures Magazine has stopped publishing.

  4. Congrats on the new magazine, guys! Hope it goes a long way, especially now that both the Disney Mag and Disney Adventures have ceased to be.
    And hey, if you ever get to that point of success where you might consider expanding beyond your borders, let this humble translator know, ok? 🙂