West Coast Racers, world’s first racing launch coaster, to open at Six Flags Magic Mountain

West Coast Racers, the world’s first racing launch coaster, is set to open at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2019. 

west coast racers

Check out West Coast Racers, the world’s first racing launch coaster, coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

This coaster will feature two side-by-side tracks with four high-speed launches, 14 track crossovers, four inversions, side-by-side airtime hills and a high five over two laps – as well as an immersive, real-time “pit stop” designed by the famous West Coast Customs.

“Six Flags leads the industry in thrill ride innovation; it is part of our DNA, and we are taking thrills to the next level with the new West Coast Racers,” said Neal Thurman, park president. “Six Flags Magic Mountain is the undisputed ‘Thrill Capital of the World’ and with this newest coaster, strengthens our position as the ‘Coaster Capital of the World’ with a total of 20 roller coasters – more than any other theme park on the planet.”

west coast racers

As guests start this three-minute adventure, they will sit two across in six rows into West Coast Customs-designed coaster cars. As they launch around the first lap, riders will go head-to-head as they race the other cars on the twin track. The “pit stop,” narrated by Ryan Friedlinghaus, founder and CEO of West Coast Customs, will take place between the two laps.

“We are thrilled to partner with Six Flags Magic Mountain to create this unprecedented new ride,” said Friedlinghaus. “Throughout my career, I have always thought outside of the box and I love being challenged to build things others can’t. Talk about the ultimate outside of the box challenge – a West Coast Customs-style roller coaster!”

Features of West Coast Racers include:

  • A record-breaking four magnetic launches, including a side-by-side first and second race-starting launch
  • Four inversions, including three zero-gravity rolls and a zero-gravity stall
  • Fourteen track crossovers and a high-five (where riders can nearly reach out and give a high-five to guests riding in the opposite train), for a total of 30 train interactions
  • Side-by-side airtime hills and overbanked turns
  • Coaster speeds up to 55 miles per hour as the racers cross the finish line

West Coast Racers will be part of a new urban, LA-themed area where guests can experience a high-energy street atmosphere. The attractions currently located in this area, Apocalypse and the Cyclone 500 Go Karts, will go through a period of re-theming to match the new area. New dining locations, games, and retail locations will be added to the area to complete the renovation.

This was just one of a massive 17 announcements that Six Flags made about their 2019 offerings. To check out all other Six Flags attractions and rides coming next year, click here.

To learn more about the upcoming West Coast Racers and other offerings at Six Flags Magic Mountain, visit SixFlags.com/MagicMountain.


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