What Disney fans really want out of the D23 Expo, sort of

Disney has prepared a mega-lineup of presentations and exhibits for its upcoming D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. Expectations are high among fans for exciting new announcements, especially on the topic of Disney theme parks. Will we finally see Disney reveal details about the long-rumored update to its Star Tours attraction? Will the “leaked” Fantasyland makeover blueprints become reality? We’ll find out soon enough.

In the meantime, I asked on Twitter and Facebook what random, out-of-nowhere announcement fans would like to see come out of the D23 Expo.

Below are some of the more interesting, far-fetched, and hilarious responses I received. Keep in mind that none of these are fact or even rumors. They’re simply “what ifs” from a passionate group of Disney fans.

Disney: Feel free to take these ideas and run with them. Well, the good ones at least. Some are just silly.

Fans on Twitter:

@Narniaexpert instead of Star Tours 2.0 we get Stitch’s Great Escape 2.0

@Narniaexpert Disney buys DC Comics

@bcrawley A new theme park in the middle of the country!! I know it won’t happen, but it’d be awesome for us in the mid-south!

@doctordisney A remake of The Black Hole starring the Muppets

@thezachbrady the release of Song of the South on Blu-ray

@kennypirate some new rides a pre-teen boy would like are going into mk!

@FVRacerShawny A new D23 cable channel catering to adult Disney fans featuring classic Disney programing plus original programing

@EPCOTExplorer Better benefits for D23 itself, JII refurb, DAK Expansion, FL Refurb. I know it’s a ton, but Disney SHOULD be doing it. 😉

@chips99 With it’s purchase of Marvel this past week, Disney is now buying up NBC Universal as well.

@JoshDaws The return of Horizons or Journey into Imagination would be nice.

Fans on Facebook:

Matt Norris – Fantasyland overhaul.

John Wiedmeier – LOST has extended iteself for another two seasons

Izzy Kaufman – Walt Disney was really frozen and they’ve brought him back to life.

Michael C Jones – Space Mountain 2.0 unveiled – under the new name “Stitch’s Mountain”

Gordon Free – New theme park… Disneyland Seattle.

Matthew Synowicz – A second Space Mountain built next to an existing Space Mountain.

Rob Collier – Disney to buy Marvel Comics? No wait..

Emily Anne Sharpe – building a disney park in new orleans

Rob Collier – Disney offers free Annual Passes. Merch prices go up x10.

Will Betts – Return of the Skyway. Monorail service to Fresno. Jungle Cruise The Movie casting announcement. More flying characters during the fireworks show — Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Iago, and Marty Sklar (he’s not doing anything else now).

Rick Gutierrez – Admission prices to all North American parks drop significantly. That or a new park in being built in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Kyle Araujo – Beastly Kingdom…Hey, you can only dream, right?

Rick Gutierrez – The area between Main Street and Tomorrowland in Disneyland will be made into Heroland, featuring the Marvel Comics characters. Oh and an announcement of SQUIRREL GIRL, THE MOVIE! (There is actually a Marvel character called Squirrel Girl. No kidding!)

Rob Collier – Disney buys Universal theme park and sues itself for character infringement

Raymond Costanza – Meet The Robinsons’ dark ride in the Time Machine + special effects.

Somehow I doubt that any of these will be actual announcements at the D23 Expo this week, but I am excited to find out what Disney has in store for us.

The Walt Disney Parks & Resorts presentation will take place Saturday morning and we’ll be sure to bring you any news that comes out of it and the rest of the Expo, so keep checking back here throughout the week. And if you’re going to be at the Expo, stop our Orlando Attractions Magazine booth (C212) in the Collector’s Forum to say hi and have a chance to win a few goodies.


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