What’s new at Six Flags America for the 2022 season

Six Flags America in Bowie, Md. opens on March 19 for the 2022 season with a slew of updates, including new shows and festivals, single rider lanes, and retracking for the Wild One and Roar roller coasters.

Six Flags America
Photos by Six Flags

Summertime means festivals, and for the 2022 season the lineup includes the popular Coca-Cola July 4 Fest, Fright Fest, and Boo Family-Friendly Halloween Experience, plus an all-new Viva La Fiesta featuring live entertainment and Latin flavors on select weekends in May. Two additional festivals will be announced soon.

Three attractions have also been updated to include Single Rider lanes, lessening the wait times at Superman: Ride of Steel, The Joker’s Jinx, and Voodoo Drop.

Two new shows are coming to the park, too. “Old Town Showdown” wild west gameshow recruits select audience members to help keep the town safe from outlaws. “Block Party” interactive dance show keeps the family fun going.

six flags america old town showdown

Aviator Grill now offers new menu items such as grilled steak and chicken cheesesteaks and flavored lemonades. Tillamook ice cream has been added to the menu at Coffee & Cones.

During the park’s down time, the Wild One and Roar wooden roller coasters underwent a refurbishment that replaced more than 1,000 feet of track for a smoother ride experience.

six flags america wooden coaster

Less noticeable but equally important enhancements include new pathway seating; additional benches, trash bins, and picnic tables; updated HVAC units at the Heritage House and ChopSix restaurants; and electric vehicle charging stations.

Six Flags’ The Flash Pass Q-bot will transition to mobile Q-Smart technology, allowing guests to use a mobile phone app to schedule ride times, order food, rent a locker, and more.

“Our team has worked tirelessly all winter to bring a multi-million-dollar list of seen and unseen enhancements for guest enjoyment throughout the park,” said Park President Rick Howarth. “As the region’s most central theme park, we are focused on making the best experience for each guest during every visit.”

The Joker's Jinx

Six Flags has partnered with ID.me for even greater access to exclusive discounts for active duty, veterans, and military spouses and families.

All visitors can take advantage of a new three-tiered Pass Program.

  • The Thrill Seeker Pass is ideal for those who visit often.
  • The Extreme Pass allows access to all Six Flags parks, and has no blackout dates.
  • The Ultimate Pass includes all the benefits of the Extreme pass, and more.

Both the Extreme and Ultimate passes include two Junior passes for visitors under 42 inches.

Six Flags America will be open on Saturdays and Sundays through Memorial Day, and it will operate daily during Spring Break, from April 9 – April 18.

For more information visit SixFlags.com.

Superman: Ride of Steel Roller Coaster POV at Six Flags America

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  1. Upgrade the employees and visitors there. The place has been trash for the past 20 years. I’m not trying to get shot on my day at the park.

  2. So…nothing new then. Great. Another year of getting shafted by Six Flags. Meanwhile all other nearby parks are adding new rides. Get it together Six Flags!

  3. So, good bye six flags! The worst season pass offers! You’ll loose a lot of customers because of that.

  4. Six flags America needs a lot of improvement after all other six flags the best part is six flags New Jersey six flags magic mountain six flags in Texas the rest of the six flags are trash I will not spend my money at six flags because they only have 9 roller coasters at six flags America they need to add more to the water park and also family Rides and more roller coasters

  5. Six Flags is still an amazing place to have fun with family and to enjoy the selection of rides, entertainment and attractions they already have. The tickets are actually very reasonable considering you can hang out there the whole day and just keep riding everything. It’s everyone from the local community working there, it’s only open seasonally so alot if new employees each year who are doing their best. It isn’t a year round park so of course there isn’t always long term staff since who can just work a few months and than try finding another job for the gap months every year. Maybe it’s mainly adults that notice the faded or chipped paint in certain parts of the park but the kids don’t care at all. It’s amazing and fun just to be there, having all rides included in one ticket price.