Make your dog a Harry Barker dog

Harry Barker and Disney have a brand-new collection of pet accessories designed to give your dog an iconic style while also being kind to the planet.

Harry Barker collection
Photos by Harry Barker

The Disney Collection features favorite characters Mickey Mouse and Pluto, along with Disney-inspired styling such as the tri-circle Mickey head and Mickey’s black, red, and yellow palette.

Disney wearable collection

Harry Barker dog sweater

Six items in the wearable collection include:

  • Vintage Mickey pajamas (from $28)
  • Mickey Icon sweater (from $22)
  • Classic Mickey hoodie (from $22)
  • Classic Mickey ear sweater (from $22)
  • Modern Mickey reversible bandana ($14)
  • Classic Mickey socks ($8)

Disney Collection Play

Nine items in the Play collection include:

  • Vintage Mickey plush toy ($16)
  • Fun with Mickey rope toy ($16)
  • Chambray Pluto toy ($16)
  • Mickey Ear rope toy ($16)
  • Modern Mickey bone toy ($16)
  • Tossed Mickey bone toy ($16)
  • Iconic Mickey ball toy ($14)
  • Pluto Plus rope toy ($14)
  • Disney Play ball set ($12 for 3 balls)

Toys have double-stitched seams and durable rope braids so they can stand up to lots of playtime.

Disney Collection Eat

Harry Barker Mickey food storage bin

Three items in the Eat collection include:

  • Mickey Good Dog food storage canister ($72)
  • Neutral Mickey food storage canister (from $68)
  • Mickey Good Dog treat tin (16)

Disney Collection Walk

Mickey dog collars

One item in the Walk collection is:

  • Mickey Chambray collar (from $24)

Disney Collection Sleep

Four items in the Sleep collection are:

  • Modern Mickey ortho lounger (from $130)
  • Vintage Mickey envelope bed (from $80)
  • Tossed Mickey cuddler bed (from $70)
  • Disney Best Buddy blanket ($70)

The sleep collection is hypo-allergenic, mildew resistant, machine washable, and eco-friendly.

The Harry Barker Disney Collection can be found on


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