Wild Florida doubles size of Drive-Thru Safari

Last summer, Wild Florida Airboats, Gator Park & Drive-thru Safari added a 185-acre expansion, making it the largest family-owned adventure park in Central Florida. Now, their Drive-thru Safari has doubled in size from 85 to 170 acres, and the driving trail added two miles making it four miles in length.

Wild Florida Drive-thru Safari
Image courtesy of Wild Florida

This longer Drive-thru Safari allows families to experience more animals including gemsbok, kudu, and springbok. Wild Florida already had over 150 animals on their property, and the safari added new herds of wildebeest, water buffalo, watusi cattle, eland antelope, brahman cattle and zebra. They also introduced five more Highlander cattle, two camels, three ostrich and an all-white elk.

In 2010, Wild Florida opened on Lake Cypress, approximately 30 minutes south of Kissimmee, Fla. Their mission is to promote Central Florida’s natural resources, and educate people that “wild Florida” still exists. It may take a little bit of a drive to get there, and you may feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere (you are), but the experience is worth it. Starting off with a 14-acre Gator Park and airboat tours, the Drive-thru Safari expansion is the next chapter for this family-owned attraction.

Alligator at Wild Florida
Alligator in Lake Cypress observed during a Wild Florida Airboats tour.
Photo by Dave Parfitt

“We’re thrilled to expand our Drive-thru Safari in more ways than one this summer,” says Sam Haught, co-owner of Wild Florida. “Not only will it be incredible to grow our existing herds and give them a more authentic environment they would normally have in the wild, but to also showcase this diversity of species to guests from the comfort of their own cars.”

Deer at Wild Florida
Native deer species at Wild Florida.
Photo by Dave Parfitt

Admission to Wild Florida’s Drive-thru Safari Park is $31 per adult and $22 per child. Florida residents receive a discounted admission price of $22 per adult and $17 per child. Entrance to the Gator Park is included for any guest who purchases an airboat tour, visits the Drive-thru Safari, or experiences an animal encounter. Learn more about Wild Florida’s offerings at WildFL.com.

New York college students get up close with Florida wildlife.
Photo by Dave Parfitt

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