Wild Florida adds Nile crocodiles to gator and wildlife park

wild florida
Enter Wild Florida’s contest to name the two new Nile crocodiles, now through March 21.

Wild Florida Airboats and Gator Park is about to get a bit wilder, as it just welcomed two new Nile crocodiles to their Gator and Wildlife Park. The male and female crocodiles were relocated to Wild Florida from a park near the Florida Keys.

The male is a staggering 8 feet long, and the female is 6 feet long, will be put through training over the next couple of weeks, with the hope that they will be taught to respond to trainer queues and requests, as well as the sound of their names.

A new animal trainer is also set to join the Nile crocodiles on the Wild Florida team. Andrew Biddle , a trainer with more than 20 years of experience, will become the trainer for the new Nile crocodiles, as well as handle the alligator feeding shows.

“My mission is teaching the world how amazing animals are. Conservation through education. Giving people the chance to experience opportunities like no other with these amazing animals,” said Biddle.

Wild Florida is even having a contest to name the new crocodiles, which you can enter on their Facebook page through March 21. As an incentive to enter, anyone who submits a name to the contest gets one free admission to the wildlife park. The grand prize winner who submits the winning name will receive a 1-hour airboat tour, a photo with Fluffy, the park’s “spokesgator,” and admission into the park.

Not only does Wild Florida have these new crocodiles, but they are also the home to other animals like zebras, lemurs, sloths and more. Admission into the park is free if you purchase an airboat tour, or you can buy it separately for $15 per child and $18 per adult. There is also a 50 percent discount with a valid Florida resident photo ID.

For more information on the crocodile naming contest, visit Wild Florida’s Facebook page.


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