Winning wallaby named announced at Cypress Gardens


Carol Wolfe of Winter Garden became part of Cypress Gardens’ history as she submitted the winning name for their new baby albino wallaby. Carol submitted the name “Mahina” meaning “moon” in Hawaiian. By submitting the winning name, Carol won four tickets to Cypress Gardens that are good for unlimited entrance to the park through the end of the year. There were over 400 entries to the contest that began on June 11 and ran through June 30. The Marketing and Animal Care departments decided upon the winning name.

Other names that were considered: Phoebe; Aurora (glow of the early morning dawn); Kiah (meaning beauty); Mayhem; Aoraki (meaning cloud piercer); Paralla (Aborigine word for “the Moon”); Mindee; Nola (meaning fair/white shoulder in Irish). The most common name submitted was Willow.


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