Video of Magic Kingdom's Concert in the Sky fireworks


Happy 4th of July!

On Tuesday night, I attended a preview of tonight’s Magic Kingdom fireworks entitled, “Disney’s Celebrate America – A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky”. In honor of America’s Independence Day, we’re bringing these fireworks to all of you who can’t be at the parks.

Below is an edited YouTube version of the show (due to YouTube’s length requirements).

A higher resolution, full-length version is available on our Videos page.


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  1. Yes, there are many video hosting sites that have no time limit, but youtube serves two purposes. One is to just host a lower quality version for us, and two is because youtube is the largest/most used of the sites and allows us to have a much bigger audience.

  2. Google video can target a larger audience because it also owns youtube… and its searches include youtube videos.. not to mention you can degrade the quality a little and it doesn’t degrade it that much further unlike youtube has done in the past.

    that, and Google videos are included in Google searches as is youtube videos, yet Google can hold a full presentation.