With some Dr. Seuss books no longer being sold, Universal Orlando is evaluating Seuss Landing

This morning, Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced that six of the author’s books—including “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” and “If I Ran the Zoo”—will stop being published because of racist and insensitive imagery. With this announcement, Universal Orlando has pulled the books from store shelves (by request) and is currently evaluating Seuss Landing in their Islands of Adventure theme park.

seuss landing

Seuss Landing features references to many of Dr. Seuss’ books, including the two aforementioned titles. One whole section of the land is the If I Ran the Zoo kids play area (currently closed due to the pandemic).

Other examples include a sign for Mulberry Street in the land that can be seen from the ground and aboard The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride; a retail location named Mulberry Street Store: Gizmos, Gadgets, Goodies Galore; and a “copy” of “If I Ran the Zoo” on Sneetch Beach.

Other books affected by the publication cease include “McElligot’s Pool,” “On Beyond Zebra!,” “Scrambled Eggs Super!,” and “The Cat’s Quizzer.”

In a statement shared with Spectrum News 13, Universal Orlando said:

Seuss Landing continues to be very popular with our guests and we value our relationship with Seuss Enterprises. We’ve removed the books from our shelves as they have asked and we’ll be evaluating our in-park experience too. But our guests can plan on continuing to be able to enjoy their favorite experiences at Seuss Landing.

Universal Orlando Resort

It is entirely possible that Universal could remove and replace the related references to the six books, though time will tell how that situation will be addressed.


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  1. They best not get rid of Seuss Landing entirely! Dr. Seuss is essential reading for all youngsters. Honestly, I never even realized they referenced those books in the section, since they do such a great job of focusing on The Cat and the Hat and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. If they’re worried about those areas, all they need to do is turn the focus to Whoville and make it a Who retail area and play area. There are still plenty of Dr. Seuss materials to pull from that they absolutely do not need to close the entire land!

    1. This has all been blown so out of proportion. Dr. Seuss wrote children’s books for the sake of children! He wasn’t trying to be racist or politically correct. People need to give this a rest and move in

  2. There is also a McElligot’s pool reference in Suess Landing. It is the small pond you can throw coins into a fish’s mouth and, if done right, another fish sprays water. The money is donated to charity. Or did they get rid of that area recently?

  3. It’s amazing to me how these books only bother people now that some group tries to point out that they’re bad. There’s never been a single child in the entire planet that’s was offended by a Seuss book…
    We’ve been pass holders for over 7 years at different times. If they remove this area (and I realize they are saying that they are not) I’ll be done. It’s an amazing area and amazing books!

  4. Do our country a favor and boycott anyone and everything connected to the stupid, politically correct cancel culture. They are cancer and must be eradicated. Their sickness is tearing our country apart and they are allowed to push sick sexist pornographic music yet claim whimsical pictures are “hurtful and offensive.” Cardi B and most rappers are sickeningly offensive so I don’t buy their crap. Let’s ban that offensive scum instead.

  5. We can and do make our own decisions on many things…This is getting ridiculous to say the least…Leave us alone, we R capable of reading whatever we want…Don’t need help…Go back under Ur rock…Please!

  6. It’s not about cancel culture. It’s that we’ve finally come to a place in American culture, where we are reflecting and saying wtf have I been ignoring and sweeping under the rug for all these years. Just because ‘that’s the way things have always been done ‘, doesn’t make it right. In previous generations their cultural arguments involved slavery, internment camps, segregation etc. being acceptable because everyone was doing it. It is time for America to be better than that. It starts with what we are teaching and showing our children is acceptable ways to view other cultures. Even in a Dr. Suess book.