Wizarding World of Harry Potter photo update for Nov. 20, 2009


While I was at Universal’s Islands of Adventure yesterday shooting some photos for our upcoming Winter issue (Which will feature a full story on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.), I figured I’d bring you some updated construction photos. The top photo show Hogwarts Castle as seen from the front of the park.

In our last update we brought you a peek at the Hogwarts Express train at the entrance to the Wizarding World. They now have the train covered up with a large plastic sheet.

Here you can see part of the village and the castle on the left. They’ve finished most of the rockwork on the wall next to the lake and are working on the pillars along the top of the wall.

They seem to make it hard for Santa to visit Hogsmeade Village.

The view of Hogsmeade Village from the entrance to Dueling Dragons (pictured in the background). Dueling Dragons will become Dragon Challenge by the time the World opens.

Hogwarts Castle as you’re leaving the Dueling Dragons queue.


A close-up of the previous photos shows the workers forgot two drink bottles in one of the windows. Either that or one of the students at Hogwarts needs to clean up their room.

The castle as seen from behind. Below, a few more close-ups that show the details being put into the exteriors of the buildings.





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