World’s largest indoor miniature theme park now open in Tokyo

The “world’s largest indoor miniature theme park,” Small Worlds Tokyo, has opened to guests in Ariake, Tokyo.

small worlds tokyo

With a total area of 8,000 square meters, Small Worlds Tokyo offers six exhibits based on Kansai International Airport, the NASA Space Center, “Global Village,” two areas from “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon,” and two areas from the hit anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion.”

small worlds tokyo

This unique theme park immerses guests in a “moving miniature world that combines the sophisticated techniques and advanced technologies of Japan.” Guests don’t simply just visit this spaces, but become a part of them through the “Avatar Citizenship Program.” With this program, visitors can capture a 3-D scan of themselves and have their avatar become a part of each area.

Etry to Small Worlds Tokyo begins at “Immigration and Passport Control,” where guests will pass through a “growth ray tunnel” that will make them feel as though they’ve been transformed into giants on the way to the miniature worlds.

Kansai International Airport

kansai international airport

Modeled after Kansai International Airport in Osaka, this miniature area gives guests the chance to take photos from angles that would be nearly impossible in the real world. Every aspect of this area has been faithfully reproduced, from airplane fuselages to the sounds of engines during takeoff. A total of 40 aircraft will successfully take off and land in this area, allowing guests to see a full day of airport activity in about 30 minutes’ time.

Space Center

small worlds tokyo

Modeled after the NASA Space Center, the Space Center area features the launch of five space shuttles. Around 48 launches per day are scheduled, and they even reproduce the smoke and sounds of a real launch.

Global Village

global village

This area is an original Small Worlds Tokyo concept interspersed with elements of fantasy and steampunk.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

small worlds tokyo

The “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” area is based on the Azabu Juban area of the ’90s, featuring a miniaturized reproduction of the cityscape from series 1-4 of the manga, as well as Crystal Tokyo, the vision of the future world in the story.

Evangelion: Tokyo III and Cage

small worlds tokyo

The Tokyo III area recreates the feel of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” at 1/80 scale. This area is divided into the old city in the foreground and Tokyo III in the background. The cage that Evangelion takes off from has also been reproduced, and it’s here that guests can see a display of Evangelion Unit 01 taking off.

Another Small Worlds park is set to open in Okinawa in 2022, with plans to expand overseas already in motion. You can take a look at the miniatures in action in the video below:


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  1. If you like these miniature worlds, you have to check out “Miniatur Wunderland” in Hamburg (Germany). It’s huuuge (~16’000 sqft). They’ve opened a new funfair section just last week.