Yas Waterworld visitors triumph in Guinness World Records event

Yas Waterworld water park in Abu Dhabi held its first live Guinness World Record event on Nov. 26 and 27, and five guests succeeded in setting four new world records.

Yas Waterworld Guinness World Record holders Rashad Al Gadban and Ryan Watkins
Title holders Rashad Al Gadban and Ryan Watkins
Photos courtesy of Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

George Massoud, Jacob Cummings, Iryana Suprun, Ryan Watkins, and Rashad Al Ghadban set out to prove they had what it takes to break a Guinness world record, and, during the weekend event, they were triumphant.

Of the hundreds of competitors who participated and onlookers who attended the event on Yas Island, these five were up for the challenges, at times working together to succeed, and at times competing against each other.

Record holder George Massoud
Record holder George Massoud

The first hurdle they had to endure was getting a spot on the top 10 leaderboard. Then they had to qualify for judging by a Guinness World Records judge toward their official record-breaking attempt.

The four records that were set are:

  • The most water moved within 60 seconds through the use of a sponge now has a record of 5,928.78 milliliters, set by George Massoud.
  • The new record for collecting five balls in water on a water bed is one minute and 38.82 seconds. The previous record was broken three times before Jacob Cummings was announced as the winner, bringing to the event’s total record-breaking successes to six.
  • The record for the fastest time to knock over 10 targets using a water pistol is now 13.18 seconds, and it was set by Iryana Suprun.
  • Moving the most water by hand in 30 seconds, accomplished by the two-person team of Ryan Watkins and Rashad Al Ghadban, is set at a record 2,640 milliliters.
Yas Waterworld Guinness World Record champion Jacob Cummings
Champion Jacob Cummings

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi’s General Manager, Ryan Watkins, was quoted as saying, “As the Middle East’s leading waterpark, we were very excited to collaborate with Guinness World Records on this event, which allowed us to give guests a unique weekend filled with lots of fun. In this event, champions were made, with new individual Guinness World Records titles set, and fun, memorable moments were created with every record attempted, truly giving guests an experience unlike anything else. I was lucky enough to attend the event with my family, and even participate in some of the challenges, ultimately setting a new record and enjoying a win.”

For more information on Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, visit YasWaterworld.com.


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