YouTubers celebrate their Disney annual pass with ‘AP Anthem’

Thingamavlogs Disneyland AP music video

Remember the first time you got a Disney annual pass? We bet you were so excited you wanted to sing about it. Well, now you have a theme park theme song to sing thanks to Thingamavlogs YouTubers.

“The AP Anthem” is a song written and performed by Leo Camacho and Chase Anast about Disneyland Annual Passholders, filmed around the Disneyland Resort. The song features a few references that long-time passholders will enjoy, such as “Cravin’ Dole Whip? Don’t wait in line. I’ll get you in through that Tiki Room side.”

AP Anthem - Disneyland Annual Pass Song

The video features Thingamavlogs members Camacho, Sarah Sterling, Tiffany Mink and Patrick Dougall, (who you may also recognize as “Attractions Magazine” reporters) as well as Anast. The song is also available for purchase on the Thingamavlogs Bandcamp site.

Here’s another one of their recent videos recreating old Disney Channel commercials featuring appearances by “Attractions Magazine – The Show” hosts Banks Lee and Elisa Goldman.

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