Zamperla creates wash-through ride disinfectant system

Ride manufacturer Zamperla has launched a new wash-through ride system to help attractions keep guests safe.

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By Niamh Larkin

The system is a tunnel or suspended structure that arches over the ride track and uses a sanitizing mist to disinfect the ride vehicle. The mist used is colorless, odorless and is non-alcohol based. The disinfectant lasts up to 18 hours on surfaces.

wash-through ride disinfectant

It takes 45 seconds for the wash-through system to work, and is made up of 15 seconds of spraying and 30 seconds for the disinfectant to activate. Ride operators can choose if they would like to use the wash-through cleaning system every 5 or 10 ride cycles.


The intensity of the spray can be altered for deeper cleaning cycles, and soap can also be added to the disinfectant solution for end-of-the-day cleaning procedures.

wash-through ride disinfectant

Depending on the intensity of the spray, passengers are able to remain on the ride vehicle during the wash-through. The wash-through system can also be installed between the unloading and loading platforms.

Recently, Zamperla has also created plexiglass safety barriers to keep guests socially distant from one another.


The wash-through ride system aims for guests to continue “having fun, feeling safe”.


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